Pinterest marketing has a higher ROI when you hire a Pinterest marketing agency, here’s why.

Here at PinHouss, we’ve worked with businesses all over the globe; big ones, small ones and medium ones. We’ve worked with bloggers, ecommerce stores, services and pretty much any type of business you can think of. You know what all of them have in common? They felt overwhelmed by Pinterest marketing! They knew Pinterest had power to grow their business but were either confused by how to execute a Pinterest strategy or too strapped for time to do it well. If that describes you, we want to make the case that it’s time to hire a Pinterest advertising agency!

Why You Should Market Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest has a highly engaged user base, with users spending an average of 14.2 minutes per session on the platform. Moreover, Pinterest users are actively searching for products and services, with 85% of Pinterest users stating that they use the platform to plan purchases. According to a Shopify study, the average order value for sales referred by Pinterest is $50, which is higher than any other social media platform.

One of the benefits of Pinterest marketing is that it can drive long-term results. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest content has a longer shelf life, with pins continuing to drive traffic and engagement long after they are first published. In fact, the average lifespan of a Pinterest pin is three and a half months, which is significantly longer than the lifespan of a tweet or Facebook post. We’ve had pins drive traffic and leads for years after it was posted!

Pinterest marketing is also cost-effective compared to other advertising channels. According to a study by Neustar, Pinterest advertising has an average CPC (cost-per-click) of $0.10, which is significantly lower than the CPC on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. According to a study by Social Media Examiner, Pinterest also has the highest conversion rate of any social media platform, with an average conversion rate of 1.85%.

See more Pinterest stats here.

5 Ways a Pinterest Marketing Agency can Increase your ROI

5 Ways a Pinterest Marketing Agency can Increase your ROI

Small businesses have to watch every dollar. We don’t have massive marketing budgets to throw at the wall and see what sticks. This is why it’s even more important for business owners to invest in a Pinterest advertising agency to handle their marketing. Here are 5 ways Pinhouss can increase your marketing ROI:

Account SEO Optimization

For every service we offer, we put a massive focus on the optimization phase. Pinterest is a search engine, so in order to get results you have to have a solid keyword strategy. We will thoroughly research your top keywords and then use them to optimize your Pinterest account to ensure that it is fully set up and ready to attract your target audience. This includes creating boards, optimizing your profile and bio, and ensuring that your account is fully branded. We will also help you get your website verified, your products uploaded and apply for the Verified Merchant Program. Each piece of this set-up puzzle will have a direct effect on your return from Pinterest!

Build a Strategy for YOU:

We live and breath Pinterest, which means we know what works and what doesn’t. When you work with us we will design and build a Pinterest marketing strategy based on your goals and initiatives for this year. While we’ve spent years in Pinterest marketing and know it like the back of our hand, we also know that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. We will custom build your strategy to achieve the results you want.

Ongoing Pinterest Management (we’re in the weeds so you don’t have to be!):

We manage the day-to-day of your Pinterest account so you don’t have to worry about. We pin daily (several every day!), create Idea Pins, evaluate keywords, monitor analytics and make adjustments when needed. You can rest easy knowing that your account is staying current and working for you every single day (even holidays!).¬†We provide detailed analytics and reporting to track the success of your Pinterest marketing campaign. This data-driven approach allows us to make informed decisions and optimize your campaign for maximum ROI.

By staying consistent with your Pinterest strategy your results will snowball. Take a look at what we were able to achieve for this ecommerce client over 6 months simply by staying consistent and fine tuning their pinning strategy over time.

ecommerce pinterest

We Create Beautiful Pins

Pinterest is a visual search engine, which means that the way your pins look is vital. We have a professional graphic designer on our team who creates beautiful pins for your brand using your branding guidelines, including fonts, colors and voice. As a Pinterest designer she will make sure your pins are not only stunning but also eye catching and optimized for Pinterest results. This means you will get high click rates and conversions!

Continuous Optimization

We continuously optimize your Pinterest marketing campaign to ensure that it is always performing at its best. We monitor performance, make adjustments as needed, and provide ongoing support and guidance to help you achieve your marketing goals. We also stay up to date with Pinterest best practices to make sure your account is staying current for best results.

Pinterest Management

Overall, working with PinHouss can help you increase your ROI because we are experts at Pinterest. It’s all we do! Which means you have a professional handling your marketing. Your dollars will go further, you’ll get more results and you can get back to doing what you love!

We’ve got Pinterest marketing services designed for almost every need and budget:

We would love to chat with you about how Pinterest can grow your business! We offer free Discovery Calls to see if it’s a good fit, contact us now to schedule yours!


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