The Roo Apron

“I use PinHouss for my Pinterest posting strategy. Rachel is amazing at what she does and our traffic from Pinterest consistently ranks 1st or 2nd in referral sources and has the highest conversion rates for purchases among other social media referrals. I believe this is directly due to Rachel’s strategies to optimize the Roo’s rank and searchability on Pinterest.”

Tamara Cullen, Owner, The Roo Apron

The Light Factory

“PinHouss handles our company’s Pinterest account, and we’ve seen huge growth. The visits to our online store increased almost immediately after she took over, and have steadily climbed since. I appreciate the consistent communication and monthly updates on our stats, she goes out of her way to keep me in the loop. ⁠ ⁠ Running a small business can easily consume all your time and energy. Delegating my most consumer facing tasks to PinHouss has given me back the time to focus on the other details of running and growing a business. I would highly recommend PinHouss to any small business owner who wants to see their business thrive, and have some of their life back.”⁠ ⁠

Ashlie Beal, Owner, The Light Factory

Hot Tub Boats

“PinHouss has been vital for our Pinterest strategy. While we used to receive 10-50 visitors per month from Pinterest, we are now consistently getting 300-500. This has made a huge difference in our business and taken a lot off of my plate. Rachel and her team have been extremely communicative and made the process of diving into this social platform stress-free. Everything about working with PinHouss was simple, straight-forward, and highly effective. We are now prepping for our busiest summer season ever and this is due in large part to the effort from In-Houss.”

Henry Burgess-Marshall, Director of MarketingHot Tub Boats

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