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More Traffic & Sales Through Pinterest

Low on Time, Big on Goals

Pinterest Management

When you’re too busy to do it yourself, we handle it all for you. From strategy, account set-up, keyword research, graphic creation, daily pinning and goal setting, our Pinterest management service handles it all.

The “Pinterest Overwhelm” Cure

Pinterest Set-Up & Clean Up

When you’re fighting a nasty case of “Pinterest overwhelm”, the Set-Up package is just the antidote. We can help you set-up your Pinterest account, optimize it with the right keywords, and clean it up so it’s ready to start bringing you traffic and sales!

When you are ready to invest and get grow faster. 

Pinterest Advertising

90% Of Pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions. Our Ad Specialists help your brand create targeted and dynamic ads that get you right in front of your audience, right when they are looking for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need before I can start?

There are a couple necessary items for a succesful Pinterest marketing stretagy. 

  1. You need a good website (Etsy is fine!). One that is optimized to help you get more sales and convert traffic.
  2. If you have a product business, quality photos are a must

Nice things to have:

  1. Blog: A blog is one of the best ways to grow your Pinterest traffic. We recommend starting with at least 5-10 blog posts. We can help you with ideas!
  2. Freebie or Opt-In: Offer something free to your Pinterest visitors, this helps you nurture leads and maintain their interest!
Is there a contract?

We do not have a contract, but we recommend giving this marketing strategy at least 4-6 months. We also require a 30 day notice of termination. 

Do I need a website?

Yes, a good website is necessary to getting results on Pinterest. We can work with Etsy and Shopify as well

I don't have a blog, can you help me with that?

Yes! We believe blogging is one of the best ways to see results on Pinterset. We can help you come up with blog post ideas and even write them for you!

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