Pinterest Obsessed and Proud of It

Are you fed up with Instagram and Facebook? Is the constant engagement and ever-increasing compeitition to have the perfect feed sucking the life out of you?

You’re not alone. I’m not sure how you ended up in this little corner of the internet, but I am very glad you did because I have some great news. Instagram is not the only game in town, and it’s definitely not the only effective way to reach your audience. In fact, I think Pinterest is a BETTER way of reaching your people for many businesses. 

My name is Rachel Sandall and I’m obsessed with Pinterest. Why? Because it took my first business from “doing fine” to “break your servers, crazy busy town”. Literally. I always tell people that I see my business in two periods B.P. (before Pinterest) and A.P. (after Pinterest). The change was that drastic. Almost over night, my traffic grew by nearly 700% (no joke!), all of a sudden I was getting thousands of hits a day from people who were actually interested in what I had to say. I finally had an audience that wanted to support and come into my community.

I have the amazing opportunity to help business owners like you take the stress and mystery out of my favorite platform and use it to see serious growth in their business.

We are a team of experts who help businesses use Pinterest more effectively through management services, education and consulting.  

But for now, I would love to offer you some simple free resources to help you dip your toes in the wonderful world of Pinterest marketing. Once you get a taste of how well Pinterest works, you’ll never go back.

(Instagram-Schmistigram, am-i-right?)

Start Here

Some Free Resources for You

Some free Pinterest Marketing resources to get things started!

And don’t forget to hang out with us in our favorite place, PinHouss on Pinterest!

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