If you aren’t using Pinterest for marketing in 2023, we need to have a chat.

With advertising costs skyrocketing, a recession looming and inflation not slowing down, you need your marketing dollars to stretch further. Maybe you’ve had to cut back on what you’re spending or maybe you’re scared to change anything while the economy is so turbulent. I get it. I am not going to sugar coat it, I do think we are in for a rough road the next year or two. But this is where the old adage about turning your lemons into lemonade rings true. Yes, there could be some major changes and bumps ahead, but there will also be some huge opportunities! And even though I know I may be biased, I think Pinterest is an amazing opportunity for any business trying to grow through a recession.

Here’s 5 reasons why!

Your efforts on Pinterest go further.

Unlike other platforms where content has a shelf life of 3 days, Pinterest pins keep working for you months or even years after they are posted. This means that a consistent pinning strategy will snowball for your brand over time. Your efforts will pay off!

Pinterest is a platform used for shopping.

Did you know 48% of Pinterest users said shopping is a top priority when they are using Pinterest and 75% of weekly Pinterest users say they’re always shopping. When you advertise on Instagram or Tik Tok, you are interrupting someone’s scroll, on Pinterest the user is actively looking for products and ideas. You get to meet your ideal customer in the decision phase. Pinterest users are seven times more likely to say Pinterest influences their buyer journey than other platforms. And Pinterest isn’t stopping, they are putting a major focus on shopping features in 2023 including making EVERY pin shoppable. Here’s a recent quote from Pinterest CEO, Bill Ready:

“Pinterest plans to embed shopping into every aspect of the core platform experience”

This is great news for businesses and a great incentive to put your focus on on Pinterest.

Pinterest drives traffic.

Other social networks were not built with the purpose of driving traffic to your website. Pinterest is a search engine first and foremost! In fact, Pinterest sends 33% more traffic to e-commerce websites than Facebook. People are there to search for ideas, products and inspiration. They are used to clicking off the platform to go to another website, in fact it’s what they expect. The other awesome thing about Pinterest traffic is that it can be retargeted with ads. In leaner times it’s important to focus on what will drive results and if high quality traffic is what you’re after, Pinterest is the place to be.

You don’t have to have followers or a big brand.

You don’t need a ton of followers or a big brand to have huge success on Pinterest. In fact, 97% of searches are unbranded. Which means that if you have a solid Pinterest for marketing strategy, you can get big results no matter how small or new your business is. This gives you a chance to get in the same league as the big brands.

Better ROI than other platforms. 

Pinterest shopping ads drive three times the conversions and double the positive incremental ROAS as other social platforms and CPMs on Pinterest were 44% lower than Meta’s. Pinterest ads are more affordable and offer better results in most cases. You can also have a ton of success with an organic strategy, which is becoming more and more rare in the world of digital marketing.

Pinterest results start here. 

Are you ready to kick your Pinterest for marketing strategy into gear? Let’s chat! We can help you with strategy, account set-up, management and advertising!

Pinterest for marketing

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