How this ecommerce Pinterest strategy helped our client increase Pinterest results by 155%!

One of the best ways to improve your Pinterest marketing is by seeing real world strategies that have been successful. So today, we are thrilled to share a Shopify Pinterest client case study. When this client came to us they had used Pinterest for a long time effectively, but with all the Pinterest algorithm changes in the past few years had seen their traffic plummet by over 50%. They were understandably frustrated and anxious to get that traffic back and build a better strategy. This case study will explore how we created a Pinterest strategy for ecommerce that has helped them to not only get back to where they were, but grow far beyond that!

We love sharing case studies because you get to see examples of our process and the results that a Pinterest business account can offer with a solid marketing plan. While there is definitely something to be gleaned from every success story, it’s also important to realize every business is different. You can learn a lot from this story, but just know you will have to fine tune your Pinterest ecommerce strategy for YOUR business.

Why Use Pinterest For Ecommerce

Pinterest has put a major emphasis on ecommerce over the past few years and that is expected to increase even more this year. In fact, Pinterest CEO, Bill Ready said recently that he wants every aspect of Pinterest to be shoppable! Pinterest leadership has also said want Pinterest to feel like a personalized catalog every time a user logs on. A custom beautiful visual search of all the pinners favorite things!

The other amazing part of ecommerce on Pinterest is that the Pinner is there to shop! 48% of Pinterest users say shopping is a top priority when they are using the platform and 75% of weekly Pinterest users say they’re always shopping. Pinners are also seven times more likely to say Pinterest influences their buy journey than other social media platforms.

So long story short, Pinterest opens up an amazing opportunity for any ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Pinterest Strategy

About this client:

The client is a reputable high end home decor ecommerce store. They carry thousands of products in the higher end price range through a Shopify store. The products they offer vary widely in style and functionality, but they all appeal to the discerning customer with disposable income who loves interior design!

Why they came to us:

This client had been very successful on Pinterest in years past, but had seen a huge drop in traffic in recent months because of algorithm changes and an inconsistent strategy. Their traffic was down 50% from what it was only a year before! They had worked with another Pinterest manager, but did not like the quality of pin design or the results they were getting. They came to us wanting to get back the organic traffic from Pinterest and to create a better content strategy for their blog and Pinterest.


Pinterest is a top of funnel marketing tactic for this client, which means they are more focused on casting a wide net to to reach a lot of people to bring them into their larger marketing funnel. As you probably know, on average it takes 7 times for a customer to see a product before they buy. This client sees Pinterest as a way to draw awareness to their brand and products to get the customer one step closer to that decision phase.

Pinterest marketing funnel

  • Build target audience & grow traffic.
  • Retarget Pinterest traffic with paid campaigns from other social media platforms.
  • Optimize products to come up for relevent searches
  • Showcase products that corresponded with trends in interior design.
  • Use Pinterest to build out a content strategy to increase brand awareness. They have an active blog and wanted to glean content ideas and strategies from Pinterest.


We started with this client in August, 2022. When we started they were averaging 509,000 monthly impressions and 3,200 clicks to their website monthly.


The results for this client have continually climbed over the 6 months we’ve worked with them. We are thrilled to say that we have not only gained back the traffic they had before the dip, but also increased the traffic!

  • They went from 509k monthly impressions to 1.3 Million, 155% increase!
  • From 3,200 monthly average outbound clicks to 4,597 outbound clicks in January alone, a 43% increase!
  • They have increased Pinterest revenue by 9.3%

ecommerce pinterest

Pinterest for Ecommerce Strategy 

Now to the good part! What was our strategy for helping this client see growth again on Pinterest? Here is what we did:

  • We did an audit of the account to make sure their products were on Pinterest and that they were coming up in the right searches.
  • Created Pinterest boards that were keyword optimized and deleted any that were not.
  • Added Pinterest Keywords to their profile name and description and made sure they had Verified Merchant status for Pinterest business.
  • Created a list of their top keywords and 10 blog post ideas based on Pinterest trends.
  • They worked with a lot of influencers and bloggers, so we started incorporating more lifestyle content instead of just product pins or stock photos.
  • Used the Pinterest Trends tool to create 3 Idea Pins a month that were based on top home decor trends.
  • Our content strategy was to stay ahead of seasonal shopping and be there right when people are looking for relevant products.
  • Our graphic designer created branded and optimized graphics displaying their top selling and trending products. She used a mix of video and static images to catch the eye and maximize exposure.
  • We audited our keyword strategy every month to make sure we are making the most of seasonal trends and searches.
  • Our goal is to make sure a fresh pin goes out daily, along with repins.
  • We used Pinterest analytics to continually monitor what was working and what wasn’t so we could change up the strategy as needed.
  • We also used Pinterest ads to boost content that was performing well or that aligned with products they were trying to promote
  • Stay consistent! Pinterest is not a short term game, we stuck with our winning strategy over several months and started to see results build over time.

Pinterest for Business

How To Use Pinterest For Ecommerce:

Whether you’re brand new to Pinterest or you’re a long time user who is frustrated with the traction you’re getting, we would love to help you! From helping you set-up your account and creating a strategy for your business to monthly Pinterest management, we would love to connect.

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