Did you know that Pinterest made the list of the most successful consumer and online service companies in the world? As of January 2022, Pinterest was the 14th most popular social media network worldwide. This means that there are numerous possibilities to explore on Pinterest. More and more businesses are discovering the power of Pinterest. But there comes a time in every business owner’s journey when they realize that they can’t do it all. It may be time to hire a Pinterest manager to take care of your Pinterest marketing strategy!

PinHouss is a Pinterest marketing agency who has been doing Pinterest management for over 6 years (and long before that as bloggers!). We know Pinterest inside and out and we know what makes a good Pinterest strategy. We also know that if you don’t know a lot about Pinterest marketing it can be difficult to know how to hire the right Pinterest manager. We’ve compiled a list of questions you can ask your potential hire to make sure you are getting the right person.

Top 5 Interview Questions For Your Pinterest Manager

Pinterest Manager

One of the most challenging parts of the hiring process is knowing the right questions to ask. It’s the answer to your questions that determine how well-suited prospects are for the job. But the thing is that you aren’t an HR expert, and you can’t afford to have one, not at this time. So, what are you going to do?

Don’t worry; we’re here for you. We’ve researched the most relevant questions to ask your Pinterest manager to reveal their suitability. And if you’ve got a hiring manager already, they’ll also learn a thing or two from these all-important questions:

What Experience Do You Have?

This is the first question that you should ask. Depending on your business needs, you will want a Pinterest manager with experience in Pinterest marketing. One of the reasons you’re hiring one is because you don’t have the time to handle this part of your business, which means you also don’t have the time to put anyone through the nitty-gritty of their job.

While years of experience matter, the substance of their experience is essential too. Managing Pinterest is pretty different from managing Instagram and other social media platforms. So, keep this in mind when asking this question.

Have You Worked With a Similar Business To Mine?

If there‚Äôs one quality that sets great Pinterest managers apart, it’s industry knowledge. Yes, they know all about Pinterest management, but do they know what it takes to manage the platform for your audience? It makes all the difference. They may not have worked with a business exactly like yours, but have they worked in a similar realm? For example if you’re an ecommerce brand, it’s important that your Pinterest manager has the knowledge in selling products on Pinterest, because it’s a very different strategy than promoting a blogger or content creator.

What Is Included in Your Services?

The services that Pinterest managers include varies widely! You want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your investment. Here are some more detailed questions to ask:

  • Will you set-up and optimize my Pinterest for business account?
  • Will you create boards?
  • Do you help me get my products on Pinterest?
  • Do your design the Pinterest graphics or do I?
  • Do you help me with my content marketing strategy?
  • How many pins do I get a day?
  • Are Idea Pins included?
  • Will you run Pinterest ads for me?

It goes without saying that a Pinterest Ads manager must understand relevant marketing strategies and target market research. Other services an experienced Pinterest manager should offer include Pinterest insight and analytics, content calendar and scheduling, etc.

Here at Pinhouss we built our packages to be all encompassing. We are unique because we include full account set-up and optimization, blog and content ideas, Keyword Report (with your top keywords), professional graphic design, boosted pins, and a dedicated account manager in our service packages. We also offer tailwind set-up and maintenance, unlimited email support, community management, and many more. Business owners who work with us often find we feel all the gaps when it comes to Pinterest management.

See what’s in our packages at the PinHouss Services page!

How Do You Stay Up on Pinterest Trends?

The best Pinterest marketing strategies always include a plan to leverage popular Pinterest trends. Knowing what’s popular and trending is one of the surest ways to have success in Pinterest marketing.

Experienced Pinterest managers will continually be evaluating and updating their strategy based on current Pinterest Trends and best practices. They will understand top searches and leverage them to suit your business goals and help you create a strategy for your business.

What’s more, your Pinterest manager should know how to take full advantage of the Pinterest search engine. They can predict trends by discovering what most people search for and identifying the most relevant keywords for your brand. If this is successful, they can add the appropriate keywords to your profile, pin descriptions, board titles, etc.

They should also be in tune with platform changes and updates. Just like every other social network, Pinterest is always changing. So your manager needs to be in the know and able to adapt your strategy.

Our Pinterest Specialists send our client updated trends and content ideas monthly so they know exactly how to plan our their marketing strategy.

How Do You Think My Business Can Benefit From a Pinterest Strategy?

It’s all well and good to have broad ideas about Pinterest marketing, but what you really want to know is, how can Pinterest benefit YOUR business? This is a good question to ask up front. The person you hire should have thoughts and ideas about how Pinterest can help you achieve your goals. They will need time to develop a detailed strategy, but they should be able to tell you some of the top benefits you can expect if you invest.

I also like this question because when it comes to any sort of marketing, having a high level view of what we are trying to achieve and then being able to translate that to the everyday is so important.

Get the Best of Pinterest Management With Pinhouss

Congratulations, now you know the correct questions to ask your prospective Pinterest managers to find the best fit. But do you know you can hire a professional without any fuss? When you work with tested and trusted services like Pinhouss, working with the best is part of the package!

From Pinterest set-up and clean-up to advertising and monthly Pinterest management, our goal is to grow your business through traffic and sales generation. Contact us to learn more!

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