You can’t have success on Pinterest unless you really understand Pinterest keywords. Why? Well, because Pinterest is a search engine! Keywords help Pinterest know how to categorize your content and ensure it comes up for the right searches.

I always think it’s helpful to think about how you use Pinterest. For example, you might need a healthy dinner idea so you might type in “easy and healthy dinner ideas” in Pinterest’s search bar. All the pins that come up will be relevent to that search term. This is exactly how other Pinners use the platform too.

Your keyword strategy is the foundation for your Pinterest for business strategy, so getting clear on what your keywords are and where to put them should be stop number 1 on your Pinterest marketing journey!

In this post we will be sharing the different spots in your Pinterest business profile that you should include keywords and how you can more effectively use keywords in your strategy.

Where to Use Pinterest Keywords

So, where do you apply these principles? When it comes to the internet, keywords are used to organize images, blog posts, and sites, and these all come into play when considering where to put your keywords. Pinterest is trying to figure out how to categorize and show your content, so make it easy for them by researching and knowing your top keywords.

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Where to Put Pinterest Keywords

1. Optimize your images when you place them on your site.

Naming your images before they go on your site is a step people often forget when it comes to Pinterest SEO (and Google SEO for that matter!). Many blog posts and websites are peppered with images named “IMG3019” or something similar, but that translates into nothing when the web tries to understand what the image is about. You need to utilize relevant keywords when your pictures go on your site, whether it is a static image on your front page or in the alt text for your blog photos. Basically, optimization means describing your photos and graphics so that they are easily found in the never-ending sea of the content found on the internet. Where to Put Your Pinterest Key Words

2. Use keywords in your Pinterest title and descriptions.

When you are pinning images, use Pinterest keywords in your title and description. This is another way to tell the search engines – including Pinterest itself – what your image is about. Use strategic, yet simple, keywords in your title, and descriptions. In the Pin Title you will use a list of keywords. They don’t need to be in sentence form, just a list of the top relevent terms. Then in the description you will try and fit in even more search terms in a paragraph format. This should be conversational, but your goal should be to get 4-6 keywords in the description.

Pinterest keywords for Pinterest SEO

3. Optimize your Account with Pinterest Keywords

Another way to get Pinterest’s attention is to use keywords in your Pinterest bio, board titles, and board descriptions. Your board names should be key search terms, you can go with broader terms like “Gardening Tips” and then have a few boards that are more specific like “Tulip Care”. Be sure to be clear and concise. You can have as many boards as you want, but just make sure they are relevent!

Pinterest board ideas

Your board descriptions is where you can put even more keywords. We aim to include 5-8 keywords in board descriptions.

Pinterest board descriptionThe last place in your account that you want to make sure you have keywords is in your name and bio description.

4. Keywords in Your Text Overlays

If you are on Pinterest as a user, you have seen images with a text overlay that are designed to grab attention. Pinterest has gotten smart and can actually read what the text overlay says to further characterize the image. Using Pinterest keywords can truly help. For those who are interested in the tech piece, the process is called Optical Character Recognition. As a side note, be sure to choose a font that is easy to read so that both Pinterest and the user can figure out what it says in a glance. Christmas blog post ideas

5. Put Keywords in Idea Pins

Pinterest Idea Pins are being favored right now by Pinterest, which creates a great opportunity to use Idea Pins in your strategy. Idea Pins are similar to Instagram Stories or Reels, they are a series of panels to tell a story. Some ideas might be how tos, DIY projects, recipes or a series of products. We love using Idea Pins for seasonal keywords or things that are trending on Pinterest.

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6. Keyword Your Website

You can curate fabulous images, board descriptions, and text overlay images, but the page you are linking to is also important. Be sure to use keywords on your pages and in your posts to further clarify what your content is about. This not only helps direct traffic to your site, but it also increases the time that users spend on your web pages. And hopefully, they will keep coming back!

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