Are you struggling to think of Pinterest board ideas for your business? It can be hard to know what Pinterest board names to use in your Pinterest marketing strategy, ones that will both drive traffic and also represent your brand well.

In this post we will talk about Pinterest board names from a few angles:

  • How do you create Pinterest Boards?
  • What not to do with Your Pinterest Boards
  • 10 Pinterest board ideas for your business

Before we get started though, please make sure you have read our posts How to Create a Business Account on Pinterest and How to Sell on Pinterest in 2022. These two posts will give you a solid foundation as you start your Pinterest marketing!

How do you create Pinterest boards for your business?

Before you create your Pinterest boards, you want to make sure you have a good understanding and knowledge of your Keywords. Pinterest is a search engine, so don’t skip this step! Take time to find the keywords that your audience are using and then make sure you set-up your business account properly.

Everything you do on the platform is telling Pinterest how you want your business to be categorized, so you want to use your keywords in your board names. You can have broad keywords and then more niche ones depending on the account.

For example, if you are an organic baby clothes company, you would want broad boards like “Organic Baby Clothes” and “Cute Baby Outfits” and then more specific ones like “Organic Baby Onesies”, “Baby Girl Dresses”, etc.

PS- Need help getting your account set-up and finding your keywords? We would love to set-up your Pinterest Account for you!

Here are the steps for creating boards on Pinterest:

  1. Log into your Pinterest account
  2. Click your profile picture in the top-right corner of your page to open your profile
  3. Click the plus icon at the right side of your screen
  4. Select Board
  5. Toggle Keep this board secret if you want to keep it secret
  6. Click Create

Pinterest board ideas

What NOT to do with Your Pinterest Boards

Avoid Cutesy Board Names: Pinterest has been around for a while. And like all digital platforms it’s changed A LOT! It used to be that with board names you would use cutesy names with fun words and spaces. This is no longer best practice. Every board name should be a strong keyword that tells Pinterest more about your brand (see above).

Don’t Forget about Descriptions: As you create your boards, don’t forget about the board descriptions! You can go deeper with your keywords in the descriptions, including similar terms and broad and specific keywords.

Only have Relevent Boards: You can have as many boards as you want, but make sure they are relevent to your business. Think of it like a scrap book of your business with different sections and areas that help the pinner understand more about how your business can solve their problem.

10 Pinterest Board Ideas for Businesses

Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Business

1. Create a Branded Board

No matter if you’re a service provider or a blogger, you should always have a branded board. This helps visitors to your profile know how to get more information and it also allows you to tell Pinterest more about what you do. You can use it as a portfolio and a pretty place to house all your great content.

Pinterest Board Ideas

2. Create a Board for Your Products

As well as a branded board, it’s good to have a board for your products. You’ll want to have strong keywords in the name and description, use this board to pin old and new products!

3. Create a Board for Your Blog

If you have a blog, you can create a board specific to your blog posts and content.

4. Create Boards for Product Categories

You probably have several categories of products, so you’ll want to create boards for all of them. If you are an online women’s boutique, you can have boards for dresses, skirts, jeans, etc. Put in the board description your business name and any and all keywords specific to that type of product.

Pinterest Boards for Business

5. Think of Pain Points and Create Boards for them

How are people searching for your business? Think of the pain points that are leading them to search. For example if you sell skincare, maybe they are searching for “all natural acne remedies” or if you are a tourism website for Idaho, maybe it’s “family friendly activities in Boise”. This is where knowing your audience is key. You have to get into the searcher’s mindset as they search.

6. Create Value Add Boards

Part of a good content strategy is adding value to your audience. So how can you do this on Pinterest? Think of blog posts and ways to answer the questions they have, even if it isn’t directly related to what you sell. Some examples might be if you’re an interior designer, you might have boards with budgeting tips for renovations, etc.

7. Include Inspiration Boards

One of the things people love most about Pinterest is the inspiration and positivity. So bring this to your board creation! Think about how you can use content to inspire pinners. This could be through beautiful photos of your products or work, quotes or ideas.

Pinterest board ideas

8. Use Group Boards

Group boards are a hotly debated topic. Some people say they don’t work anymore and some swear by them. We have seen them work very well for some clients and not as well for others. It depends on the board and it depends on the niche. I do think if you’re starting out in Pinterest marketing, then trying them out is a good idea. Just make sure you choose boards that are relevent to your business. Each board has rules, so make sure you read through before you join.

9. Have a User Generated Content Board

Lifestyle images and photos and videos showcasing your product or service in action always perform best. One of the best ways to get this type of content is through user generated content. You can repurpose from Instagram or your website, but getting UGC is a great way to get more traction for your pins.

10. Separate Personal and Business

We know it’s tempting to add a recipe board to your business account, but we recommend having a completely separate personal account. If you’re a wedding photographer, we don’t want to confuse Pinterest by having aboard called “Vegan Recipes” which has nothing to do with your industry or niche. If you don’t want to have a separate personal account, then we recommend making all personal boards secret.

Photo examples from The Roo Apron.

Pinterest Management for Business

If you want help creating boards and dialing in your Pinterest marketing strategy, we would love to help! We can help you set-up your Pinterest for business account and we also offer Pinterest management to fully take it off your hands!

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