Pin It to Win It: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Pinterest Influencer Campaigns

In recent years, influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways for brands to reach their target audiences. This trend has been super popular across different social media platforms. It makes sense that an influencer on Instagram with thousands of followers would be a great way to market your business, but how does Pinterest influencer marketing work? Pinterest is a unique platform with a focus on visual discovery and less on follower count, so how can an influencer promote your business through Pinterest marketing?

In this blog post, we will explore Pinterest influencer marketing, how it works, and how brands can use it to achieve their marketing goals by creating a Pinterest influencer program.

Pinterest Influencer Marketing for Businesses

What is Pinterest Influencer Marketing?

Pinterest influencer marketing involves partnering with influencers (or content creators) on Pinterest to promote your products or services to their audience. Influencers on Pinterest usually have large accounts with millions of Pinterest impressions, traffic and a following to match. By partnering with these influencers, you can leverage their influence and audience to reach your target audience more effectively.

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest has a unique approach to content creation and discovery. Pinterest focuses on visual search, where users can search for ideas and inspiration using images. In general the bigger the Pinterest account, the higher the pin will rank. So if an influencer pins your products or services, then you will gain from the popularity of their account and get more clicks and sales from that pin.

To work with a Pinterest influencer, you will usually need to either offer them free product and in some cases pay a fee. The larger the influencer’s account, the more you will likely need to offer. If you’re newer to a influencer marketing strategy, you may want to try a few campaigns with smaller accounts to see how they perform. This will help you see what works best and what influencers are a good fit for your business.

How Brands Can Benefit from Using Influencers on Pinterest?

Partnering with influencers on Pinterest can benefit brands in several ways. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for brands to tap into a new audience that they may not have been able to reach through other channels. Influencers on Pinterest have a loyal following, and partnering with them can help brands increase their visibility and give your brand more credibility.

Secondly, Pinterest influencers are experts in creating visually appealing content. By partnering with them, brands can benefit from their expertise and create content that resonates with their audience. This can lead to an increase in engagement and get more engaging content that you can use for your brand.

Lastly, influencer marketing on Pinterest is cost-effective. Compared to other marketing channels like paid ads, influencer marketing on Pinterest is more affordable. Brands can work with micro-influencers who have a smaller following but are still effective in promoting products and services. Additionally, partnering with influencers on Pinterest can help brands create evergreen content that can continue to drive traffic and sales long after the campaign has ended.

How to Identify the Right Influencers for Your Brand

Identifying the right influencers on Pinterest is crucial to the success of your campaign. To do this, brands need to consider their target audience and values. Here are some tips to help you identify potential influencers that align with your brand values and target audience:

  1. Look for influencers that share your brand values: When selecting influencers, it’s important to partner with those who share similar values to your brand. This ensures that the content they create aligns with your brand’s messaging and resonates with your target audience. Read through their content and make sure the voice and branding is a good fit for how you want your business represented.
  2. Consider the influencer’s niche: Influencers on Pinterest often have a specific niche or area of expertise. When selecting an influencer to work with, it’s important to choose those who have a following within your niche. This ensures that the content they create is relevant to your target audience.
  3. Assess their Analytics: It’s ok (and recommended) to ask an influencer to see their Pinterest Analytics to see how healthy their account is. Ask to see their engagement rate, outbound click rate, top performing pins, audience demographics, follower count and if they have any similar businesses they’ve worked with. This will give you a good idea of how engaged their audience is, the more engaged the better for your campaign!
  4. Review their Content: The quality of their content can impact the success of your campaign, as visually appealing content can help drive engagement and conversions. Review their videos, photos, blog posts and previous partnerships to see the quality of content they produce. You want the quality to be a good match for your product or service.

How to Create a Pinterest Influencer Marketing Campaign

Once you’ve identified the right influencers to work with, it’s essential to create a campaign strategy that aligns with your marketing goals. Here are some strategies that brands can use when working with influencers on Pinterest:

  1. Make a list of Influencers You’d like to Work With: Create a spreadsheet with 15-20 influencers you think would be a good fit for your brand. Keep in mind that the bigger the influencer the more expensive it will be to work with them. If you’re a brand new business it might be best to start with micro-influencers and then as your brand grows you can reach out to bigger accounts.
  2. Pitch the Influencers: Contact your influencers and pitch your idea of working with them. Start by telling them what you’re offering them and then tell them your goals. You can email them or DM them on Instagram.
  3. Create a Contract: It’s important to establish clear expectations and guidelines for the partnership. This is typically done through a contract that outlines the terms of the partnership. A contract can help protect both parties and ensure that the campaign runs smoothly. Some key elements that should be included in an influencer contract include the scope of work, compensation, timeline, content guidelines, exclusivity, and legal disclaimers. The scope of work should outline the influencer’s responsibilities, such as the number of posts or content pieces they’ll create.
  4. Set clear campaign goals: Before launching your campaign, it’s important to set clear goals. This ensures that you and your influencer are aligned on the campaign’s purpose and objectives.
  5. Create compelling visual content: Visual content is the core of Pinterest. Brands need to create visually appealing content that aligns with their target audience’s interests and inspires them to engage with their brand. Work with your influencer to create a content marketing strategy.
  6. Measure metrics and ROI: It’s essential to measure the campaign’s success by tracking metrics such as engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversions. This can help you measure ROI and adjust your campaign strategy as needed.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest influencer marketing is a growing trend that offers brands a unique opportunity to reach their target audience through visually appealing content. By partnering with influencers on Pinterest, brands can increase their visibility, engage with potential customers, and achieve their marketing goals cost-effectively. To effectively promote your brand on Pinterest through influencer marketing, it’s crucial to identify the right influencers and create a campaign strategy that aligns with your marketing goals. By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can create a successful Pinterest influencer marketing campaign that drives engagement and conversions for your brand.

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