I love showing case studies from real clients because it shows you what is working on Pinterest right now. In real time. So today I am going to share some of the amazing results we’ve been seeing for one of our recent clients! The client is a novelty apparel company. They do all their sales online, and recently did a brand overhaul and changed the name of their business. They came to us wanting to build this new brand and  get better traffic and awareness to increase sales.

The results have been fast and incredibly impactful! They are at 1.3 million monthly views, total audience is up 62%, they’ve had 4k Outbound clicks , and my favorite stat, purchases from Pinterest are up 4,700%!


We started working with this client in early July 2021.


The goals for this client were to raise awareness and get qualified traffic to their site.


Research and hone their keyword optimization, make it easier for people to shop from Pinterest and then create a consistent pinning strategy.

Pinterest Marketing for Business


  • The first thing we did was make sure their catalog was on Pinterest and all their thousands of products were coming up in searches.
  • Helped them get in the Verified Merchant Program.
  • Created boards that were keyword optimized and deleted any that were not.
  • Added Keywords to their profile name and description.
  • Gave the client a list of pin ideas and content ideas.
  • Started pinning engaging pins that were unique and brand-focused, we used a mix of static and video pins.
  • We boosted seasonal products to get more clicks.
  • Our content strategy was to stay ahead of seasonal shopping and be there right when people are looking for relevant products.
  • Pinned fresh content daily and averaged 4-5 pins per day.
  • We uploaded some content natively into Pinterest (I don’t know if this impacted success but it was unique to this client)

These kind of results are not easy to achieve, but they are possible with a solid Pinterest Strategy. This is why we love helping our clients! We can come alongside you and your goals for your business to get real results with Pinterest.

Here are two ways we can help:

Monthly Pinterest Management: This is where we take those shiny goals you have and help you execute a Pinterest marketing strategy to achieve them. Which is exactly what we did for the client in this case study!

Find out more about this service, here!

Pinterest Strategy & Set-Up: If you want to do your Pinterest marketing yourself but you want help figuring out how to get results and getting your account maximized, this is the service designed for you!

Find out more about this service here!

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