For bloggers and influencers, a solid holiday Pinterest marketing strategy is key for increasing your affiliate sales this holidays season. It may still be early fall, but pinners are early shoppers! Did you know 60% of holiday shopping is done by Thanksgiving? This means that October and November are key months for holiday campaigns. Holiday searches are already starting to increase (as I write this in mid-September). Just check out these stats:

  • 87% of Pinners say the platform helps them find the right products for the holidays
  • 66% of Pinners say Pinterest provides last-minute holiday ideas.
  • 62 million people come to Pinterest to get ideas for the holidays
  • 87% of people on Pinterest say brands help them find the right products when planning for the holidays
  • 84% use Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy

So as you can see, your efforts on your Pinterest marketing won’t be wasted! You work hard on your amazing content, make sure bad timing and marketing doesn’t get in the way of people finding it. Now is the time to create your holiday strategy and content plan, and Pinterest can be one of your best assets for driving traffic and sales this season!

First things first, make sure you have your ducks in a row. Now is the time to make sure your Pinterest account is optimized, keyword focused and set-up for results. Go through your boards and make sure they are still relevant. Delete any boards that aren’t on brand and make sure you have your website verified, products updated and that your billing info is accurate. (P.S. Need help? We offer professional Pinterest Account Set-up & Strategy.)

The other thing to note is that Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest with a blog or website is more straightforward than doing it without one. You can put in direct links to different affiliate networks but it’s not as simple and not all of them work well with Pinterest. Pinterest is making huge strides in this department, but it’s still the wild west and there are definitely some kinks. Your best bet is to look at your affiliate network and the parameters they give for Pinterest. Here’s another helpful guide.

Now, without further ado, here are 5 ways to increase affiliate marketing sales over the holidays with Pinterest!

Write Very Specific Gift Guides (and lots of them!)

Gift Guides are your best friend over the holidays, but instead of writing broad ones, try and niche down as much as you can. So for example, instead of “10 Gifts for Moms” try something like “10 Gifts for Soccer Moms”, “Cozy Gifts for the Mom Who Loves to Lounge” or “The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Foodie Mom”. The best place to get ideas for how to niche is to research how people are searching for gifts to buy. Use the Pinterest Trends Tool and Pinterest itself to search for the right keywords. Find a term and scroll through and see what content is there and how you can create something unique that will stand out in the search.

Gift Idea Search on Pinterest

Create Holiday Specific Boards

It’s a good time to clean out your boards and make sure everything is relevant for your brand. For the holidays you should create new boards for whatever your niche is. If you’re a food blogger, you could have boards called “Gifts for the Foodie”, “Holiday Drink Ideas”, “Cheap Gifts for the Home Chef”, “Holiday Appetizers”, etc. Arrange the boards to be near the top of your profile so people can peruse them. Double check that the board is using the best keywords possible in both the title and board description.

Pin Photos of You Wearing of Using the Products

In the content you produce for your gift guides and holiday blog posts, try and show the products in action. If you’re a fashion influencer, show yourself wearing the sweater or pants. Pin the photo from the blog post to drive people to the content. We also find that pins that perform best usually include a real person and not just a stock photo. So as much as possible, include a personal touch to your pins.

Pin Content Multiple Times in Multiple Ways

This is where a solid Pinterest strategy comes in. You know that Gift Guide you worked so hard on? Pin the heck out of that thing! Pin it in new ways with new graphics as much as possible. You don’t want to pin the exact same image or graphic, but you can easily mix up colors, and photos for a fresh take on a solid piece of content. You could also include infographics (maybe showing the products in the blog post on the pin linking to your post).

It’s also so important to try and incorporate video as much as you can. Idea Pins are also a great way to generate some buzz and awareness.

Christmas blog post ideas

Try Pinterest Ads!

Pinterest ads are incredible value right now, especially if they lead to seasonal and relevant content. Let this be the season you give them a try! They are simple to set-up and will be a great source of traffic and help you get things moving faster. There are a couple ways to set up ads, you can set up whole campaigns (similar to Facebook Ads Manager) or you can simply boost a pin. After you create several pins for your content, see what’s performing best and boost them to get additional eyes on them. You can tell Pinterest what keywords, interests and demographics you want your ad to come up for. You can also retarget anyone who clicks on your ads and hit them up again as the holidays get closer. Keep an eye on what ads are performing best and adjust them as needed.

Looking for more ideas to boost your Holiday marketing, check out my 10 Holiday Blog Posts to Help You Sell and our Five Step Strategy for Better Holiday Sales!