**Updated September, 2022***

Do you have to have a blog to market on Pinterest? No. But does it help you grow a lot faster? YES. I know many business owners get overwhelmed by the idea of one more thing to add to their list (and boy do I get it!), especially over the busy holiday season. But I promise if your prioritize even writing three of these holiday blog post ideas this year it will drastically help your sales! How do I know? Because I have seen it work time and time again for my clients.

Blogging gives your brand personality and allows you to showcase your product or service in a more editorial way.

Commit to writing a couple of these blog posts early in the season and then use Pinterest to push them out to more people. Remember, people use Pinterest to find holiday and gift ideas, so you want your business to be right there in the mix. Make sure your blog has obvious links to your products and a place to join your email list (more about getting started on Pinterest). This is how you can move these pinners to the next phase of your funnel. Here are some tried and true holiday blog post ideas to help you sell!

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1. Gift Guides

A gift guide is one of the best ways to draw traffic over the holiday season. I recommend you do a couple versions of these. You could do one for her, for him, for your best friend, for the man who has everything, etc. These can be lists of products you think make great gifts, and of course, your product or service should be in the mix! It’s best to write these posts early in the season so you can be building traffic as the season gets closer. Create several graphics for each gift guide and pin them like crazy over the next few months. To help you move people from the post to the product page, offer them free shipping or a discount code to give you their email address. This will allow you to market to them as the holidays get closer. Christmas blog post ideas

2. Budget Gift Guide

Budget gift guides perform very well. An example of this would be “10 Unique Gift Ideas for Moms Under $30”. Be creative and again, you’ll want to make sure your product is front and center!

3. Influencer Recommendation

Do you have bloggers or influencers who love your product? Get them to do a blog post or write a review about why they like it and of them using it. They could post it on their blog or yours, but if they post it on theirs be sure you give them a discount code to get their readers to take the next step.

4. Holiday recipe or DIY

What recipe or DIY project could you post that is related to your product or service but also offers value to the reader? If you are a candle company you could do a post showing people how to make a DIY Christmas centerpiece using your product. If you own a clothing boutique you could show people how to style their holiday party outfits, or how to do a holiday smokey eye. Find ways to make your product seasonally relevant!

5. Behind-the-Scenes

What behind-the-scenes aspect of your business could you show the reader? Maybe it’s how you make or package your product, maybe it’s letting them help you choose what products you sell this holiday season. Stories sell, so take the veil off what you do and give people a look into your story. If you hand make or finish your product, let people into that process so they better understand your business and why they should support it.

6. Holiday Giveaway

Are you looking for a way to generate some buzz and also grow your audience? A major holiday giveaway is a great way to do just that! You could partner with another business or you could run it with your own products and services, but just try and center it on something to do with the holidays. If you’re a photographer you could giveaway a Christmas session if you run a boutique you could giveaway a holiday outfit and partner with another vendor to giveaway jewelry to accessorize. Post this giveaway on your blog and have them follow you on social media and sign up for your email list to enter.

7. Top 10 List

Who doesn’t love a top 10 list? Top 10 stores with free shipping (yours included!), Top 10 ways to use your letterboard this Christmas, anything you can include your service or product in! Get creative and make it something that is both inspirational and informative.

8. Seasonal Inspiration

Inspire your readers with a round-up of beautiful things. Depending on the business you run, it might be more difficult to work your product into these posts, but if you can try and find a way to work your product in. Examples of these posts might be, “10 Instagram-worthy Christmas Themed Porches”, “8 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas”, “DIY Stocking Stuffers You Can Make at Home”.

9. Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Procrastinators will love you for this one! Include a list of gift ideas for the last-minute shopper. This could be things with 2-day shipping or that you can pick up at the store. This could coincide with a sale you run in the weeks up to Christmas or with your shipping deadlines.

10. Your Personal Gift List

What’s on your list this season? Tell your readers. This is a way to infuse a more personal slant on the gift guide. Incorporate your business by talking about the products you carry that you personally use or love. Blogging is a fabulous way to market your business over the holidays, especially on Pinterest. Use these holiday blog post ideas to get more traffic and sales this season!