Wondering how to market your business on Pinterest in 2021? You’re in the right place!

As a Pinterest manager, my team and I get a front row seat to the Pinterest show! Marketing strategies on Pinterest come and go, and just like any social networking platform, staying on top of the ever-changing trends is key to using the platform well. What worked on Pinterest yesterday, may not work as well today, or maybe it will! The key is staying informed and consistent in your efforts. We wrote this post to highlight the top trends and strategies we are predicting for 2021, we tried to make them practical and implementable in the hopes it will help you plot out your year and bring you tangible Pinterest success in 2021.

If you want to see more about keyword and subject predictions check out Pinterest’s Predictions.

1. Create even MORE Fresh Pins

We’ve known that creating fresh pins is key for a solid Pinterest marketing strategy for a while now. What does this mean for 2021? It means taking this to the next level. Change up your pins even more regularly. Use new photos, titles and templates to make sure everything is staying as fresh as can be! You can also pin different photos in the blog post with super targeted keywords to add a new dimension of content to your feed. For example, if you do a post with affiliate links, you should pin the different products in the post going back to the blog post.

Check out our Pinterest Image Guide for more tips!

2. More Video Pins

Part of keeping your pins fresh for 2021 will be using as many video pins as you can muster. Right now, Pinterest is favoring them so hop right on that train and make sure you are including video in your strategy. Don’t have video content? There are plenty of creative ways to make some! Here are a couple of my favorites:

  • Create a gif with your products or images from your post, then put the gif in a Pinterest graphic with text. Canva and Giphy make this super easy. Here’s an example.
  • Use Stock video. Canva and most platforms offer free stock video footage, include it as the background of your pin to create a video the easy way.
  • Use stickers. Canva has animated stickers that can make your pin a video in a super simple way.


3. Implement stories

Not all accounts have access to Pinterest Stories yet, but if you do, it’s a great opportunity for your brand! Pinterest stories are very similar to Instagram stories. They are a short series of slides with photos and videos and text. You can’t click through to your website from them, but they are a great way to gain followers and more brand awareness. Pinterest is favoring them right now so if you can use them, you will see a big jump in impressions!

An example of Pinterest Stories.

4. Be Seasonal

As Pinterest develops it’s ever changing algorithm, they are putting more emphasis on content that is relevant right now. This is why creating seasonal content is one of the best ways to get traction on Pinterest. Whether it’s a blog post or pinning your seasonal products at the right time, creating a timely content strategy is one of the most important trends for Pinterest. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel either, if you have blog posts from last year, you can update them and create fresh graphics so you can pin the post again. Just make sure the blog posts are still applicable. We use Tailwind Smart Loop for this. You can set it up so certain loops start and end at specific times each year. I recommend starting your loop 1-2 months before the season starts though. Pinterest tends to run a bit ahead.

5. Audit your Account

One of the first things we do when we take on a new client is audit their account. Pinterest has changed so much in the last few years, it’s so important to make sure your strategies are current for 2021. If you are pinning the same things over and over again or you haven’t edited your boards and board names, you are missing out and it is time to do a thorough audit! You don’t need to delete pins, but I do recommend deleting boards that aren’t on brand or on topic for you. Also double check your profile and description to make sure it is fitting and keyword heavy. We recently did this for a blogging client and the results were almost immediate! They saw huge jumps in traffic and impressions simply because we dialed in their keywords and updated their boards.

Want a professional opinion? We do audits and account set-ups

6. Become a Verified Merchant

One of my favorite Pinterest additions in 2020 was the Verified Merchant Program. Our ecommerce clients are absolutely killing it with this feature! Basically, by becoming a merchant you make it easier for shoppers and customers to find your products and BUY your products. If you’re wondering how to become a Verified Merchant on Pinterest, check out our guide!

Pinterest Verified Merchant

7. Pinterest Advertising

Just like most social networks, Pinterest is becoming more and more a pay-to-play game. Whether you’re trying to get traffic, build your email list or drive conversions, Pinterest advertising provides one of the most affordable and unique opportunities right now. The features are similar to Facebook and Instagram, but generally our clients get a better ROI and reach more people for the same cost.

8. Use the Pinterest Trends Tool

Pinterest introduced the Pinterest Trends Tool and it is an amazing place to see top keywords for different searches and to get content ideas. You can search different terms and see how many people are searching for that term at different times of the year, compare term popularity and see what is trending on Pinterest right now. I recommend using this to update your keyword list and to find new keywords to stay at the top of searches!

9. Gain Followers

Followers are not a key metric on Pinterest, but they do lend your brand credibility and I have a feeling they will start playing a bigger role in 2021. So while they shouldn’t be a huge focus, they should be one of the metrics you look at. We love adding MiloTree to our client’s accounts, it’s a simple pop up you can add to your website or blog that encourages visitors to follow you on Pinterest (or any other platform). We’ve seen great traction with this tool, especially for bloggers!

10. Hire it out!

As Pinterest matures as a platform it becomes more and more complex. Navigating it can be time consuming and frustrating, so maybe 2021 is the year you hire it out! We love helping businesses all over the world navigate and execute success on Pinterest. Whether you’re an ecommerce brand, a blogger or a lifestyle brand, we would love to help you grow your business this year. We offer services in monthly Pinterest management, Pinterest account set-up (and clean-up) and Pinterest advertising. Check out our Client Case Studies to see the success our clients are seeing these days!

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