Spring is just around the corner – at least according to the calendar! Whether you are experiencing a temperate climate or still have a bit of snow in the forecast, it’s best to pay attention to the timing and not the temperature with April trends. With holidays galore and new trends on the horizon, here is what is on the docket for a successful April on Pinterest.

Holiday Centric Keywords for April

When it comes to choosing the right Pinterest keywords, both lesser-known days and significant holidays take center stage. Take a cue and create a few pins that relate to some of the creative days (read: beer and tacos!) to grab traffic.

April 1 – April Fool’s Day

  • April Fools Pranks
  • April Fools Joke
  • April Fools Pranks for Kids
  • April Fools Pregnancy Announcement (a note about this, please be sensitive to those who can’t have children as fake announcements meant to fool others can be a touchy subject)

April 2 – National Burrito Day

  • Burrito Bowl
  • Burrito Recipe
  • Burrito Bowl Instant Pot
  • Burrito Casserole

April 7 – National Beer Day

  • Beer Cheese Dip
  • Beer Bread
  • Beer Cake
  • Beer Cheese Soup

April 12 – Easter Sunday

  • Easter Crafts
  • Easter Decorations
  • Easter Basket Ideas
  • Easter Decor Ideas
  • Easter Wreath
  • Easter Basket for Kids

April 22 – Earth Day

  • Earth Day Crafts
  • Earth Day Activities
  • Earth Day Crafts for Kids
  • Earth Day Art

April 22 – Administrative Professionals Day

  • Administrative Assistant Gifts
  • Administrative Professionals Day Gifts
  • Secretary Gifts
  • Office Decor

Seasonal Keywords for April

April, of course, is very season-centric when it comes to keywords, so be sure to capitalize on everyone’s spring fever. The earlier, the better so that your pins are there waiting when Pinterest users do their searches.

  • Spring Outfits
  • Spring Decor
  • Spring Nails
  • Spring Crafts
  • Spring Wreaths
  • Garden Design
  • Garden Ideas
  • Garden Art
  • Garden Projects
  • Spring Break Destinations
  • Spring Break Nails

Other Trending Keywords on Pinterest

So, the time of year and notable days are no brainers, but it’s also useful to see what’s trending on Pinterest at the moment. To stay current with trends and do things a bit differently, try incorporating the keywords below into the pins you create.

  • String Lights Outdoor
  • Birthday Brunch
  • Candy Costumes
  • DIY Food
  • New Month New Goals Quotes
  • Bedroom Inspirations
  • Justin Beiber (lol, but it’s true!)
  • Living Room Designs
  • Cake Recipes
  • Bridal Shower Decorations

I hope you try using some of the keywords in your spring pins. As a side note, be sure to think creatively about how to use the words in your pins. For example, the keyword “beer bread” doesn’t have to be included as a recipe – it can be used in supplies for the bread. Picture bowls, kitchen supplies, or even platters. Or, you could utilize some of the keywords as a foundation for a blog post. “Spring Outfits” or “Garden Art” would be fun for building a blog post. It’s all in how you think about it!

Again, if you are wondering where you use keywords, read my post on Where to Put Pinterest Keywords. Knowing which words to use can also be tricky, so I also have a post on How to Find the Pinterest Keywords that Will Bring You the Most Traffic.

Learning to use Pinterest can be fun and rewarding as it helps your business grow and sales to convert. Happy pinning!

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