Thinking of blog post ideas can be one of the hardest parts of being a content creator. You may feel like you’ve blogged about everything under the sun already, and trust me, I’ve been there! But there are always more blog writing topics to discover! All content creators deal with a bit of writer’s block at one point or another, so we’ve compiled a list of content ideas to get your wheels turning.

As Pinterest managers, we see it as our jobs to help our clients use content to boost their marketing strategy. We also fully understand the goal of any content marketing is to grow your business, so we try and think of content ideas that will move the needle for our clients, in whatever way that looks for them.

You might be asking why a Pinterest agency is giving blog post ideas. Good question. The answer is that blogging and Pinterest go together like peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, Friday nights and Netflix…you get the idea: they are the perfect complement to each other! Pinterest is a search engine, which means your audience is actively looking for ideas and inspiration. If you’re creating valuable content for them, the more traffic and audience growth you will see through Pinterest. Pinterest can put fuel on the flames of the blog posts you’ve worked so hard on. So don’t neglect it!

Some posts to help you develop a Pinterest strategy for your blog:

35 Blog Post Ideas for Pinterest


Here is a list of 35 blog title ideas to inspire your next post:


  1. How to ______  (A great chance to show your expertise and become a thought leader!
  2. How to NOT… (do a hot take, usually the negative version of the “how to” will get a better response)
  3. DIY: DIY something using your product or in your niche
  4. 5 Ways… to do a thing you know about
  5. My Top  10________
  6. What to do when ______ (explain what to do when a problem arises)
  7. 10 Items under $50 (can be any figure)
  8. My Real Review of ______ (your opinion of a product or service)
  9. My Favorite Places in ______
  10. Recipe Round up (10 fast and healthy recipes, etc)
  11. How to Beat (Any problem)
  12. Before and Afters
  13. Gift Guide (for her, for moms, for him, for dads, for gardeners, for sisters, for best friends, etc)
  14. What I Wore ____ (for a trip or certain event)
  15. Fall Fashion/Decor/Recipes Trends
  16. Winter Fashion/Decor/Recipes Trends
  17. Summer Fashion/Decor/Recipes Trends
  18. Things to Avoid When_____
  19. List of quotes or mantras (your favorite quotes to inspire your audience)
  20. Checklists (A list of things you need for a specific event or circumstance)
  21. Tours (your house, closet, kitchen,etc)
  22. Why I stopped….
  23. Budget Ideas
  24. Businesses I love (list some of your favorite businesses or business owners)
  25. Women Bloggers to Support
  26. Charities (organizations you love supporting, this could be a series about each one)
  27. Ultimate Guide for…. (about something you are an expert in)
  28. Interviews with different experts (find a topic of interest to your audience and ask an expert to weigh in)
  29. Goals you have for this year
  30. Your schedule and how you stay on track
  31. Home renovation project anyone can do
  32. Book reviews or lists (business books, beach reads, etc)
  33. FAQs about some specific thing (make this a series to get more mileage out of the content)
  34. Things I’ve learned about….
  35. Parenting tips or hacks
  36. What’s in my bag… (show the items you can’t live without)

These ideas are just to inspire you, take the idea and make it yours! For more content topics, use the Pinterest trends tool or Pinterest itself to find ideas. 

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