Tips for Pinterest for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger or content creator, having a Pinterest marketing strategy for your business is vital. Pinterest drives traffic. And for bloggers, influencers and affiliate marketers, traffic is life! If you have traffic to your blog you are more likely to get revenue from Google ads or from affiliate links. Yay!

In this post I want to share how you can develop a well rounded Pinterest strategy for your blog or website. This strategy will work best for content creators but can definitely be adapted for any business. Pinterest has changed A LOT this past year and I will be sharing specific tactics that will help you adapt and flourish with the changes.

Before we Get Started….

Is your account set-up properly?

You won’t get very far if you don’t have your account set-up and optimized correctly. This means having a solid keyword strategy, an optimized profile and a good understanding of how Pinterest uses keywords. We offer a one-time Pinterest Set-Up and Clean-Up Package that is designed to make sure you have your Pinterest foundations laid for success.  We will give you everything you need to get your account in tip top shape and the strategy to move forward.

Pinterest Marketing for Business

Make sure your a Pinterest Creator.

We could do a full post on this alone, but the benefits of being a Pinterest creator are many! From access to creative tools to product tagging and even getting paid to create content, we highly recommend you research this option and apply!

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Bloggers

This strategy starts after you hit publish on your latest blog post. What’s next? I am going to outline each step so that you have a well rounded and current Pinterest strategy to drive traffic to your blog!

1. Create 5 Fresh Pins for Your Post.

Create 5 Pinterest optimized graphics for your blog post. You don’t have to put these in the actual post but you can need to schedule them over the next 2 months (we use TailWind). So the first one would go up the day you publish your blog post, the next one might go up a week later and so on. We recommend that each pin go into 4-6 boards, you can space them out over the next while. Pinterest wants FRESH content, and this is how we will achieve that.

2. Create an Idea Pin for Your Post

You can’t link from an Idea Pin, which I think puts a lot of people off using them, but they are super effective in getting more eyes on your account. AND Pinterest wants you to use them, which means they get better traction than a lot of other types of content. So for you newest blog post, you are going to create an Idea Pin. Think of it like a little taste of the full content, you want the viewer to be so intrigued they hit the follow button and start seeing your pins OR they just head straight to your website.

3. Pin the Inspiring Images from Your Post

Pinners want to be inspired and if you’re a content creator I’m sure you have some beautiful images to inspire them! Pin the images in your blog post with a super keyword heavy caption. So if you’re a style blogger, you could pin the pictures of the outfits in your post, if you’re a home decor blogger you could pin the pictures of the rooms or products.

4. Make Sure Your Post is Shoppable

One of the biggest mistakes we see in Pinterest marketing is that when someone lands on a blog post they don’t know how to shop from there. Link you products, make sure you have ads enabled and tag your Amazon Products in your Idea Pin.

Example from Ashley Donielle Blog. 

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggers

5. Create a Video Pin for Your Post.

Video is doing incredibly well on Pinterest, so be sure you have some video aspect of your post on Pinterest. Maybe it’s a Reel short video, a clip from your You Tube channel, a DIY tutorial or it’s just you highlighting what’s in the post with captions. You could also have a slideshow of the tips in your post.

6. Give People a Way to Learn More

Pinterest users are generally cold traffic, so it’s important to give them a way to learn more about you when they land on your page. Maybe it’s a detailed side-bar with links to your social media, maybe it’s a link to your email opt-in or a way to contact you. Just be sure that no matter what page they land on they are able to take the next step in understanding your brand.

7. Boost Your Content

Pinterest ads work incredibly well for bloggers. Your content is amazing, you just need more eyes to see it! This is where running some ads can really help your success on Pinterest. Think about it, if someone is searching “Dresses for Winter” they are a highly engaged audience because they are literally looking for your content. Boosting ensures that the right people are seeing your pins. We recommend boosting pins that are already performing well and using keyword targeting.

Need more help or direction with your Pinterest marketing? We specialize in helping bloggers leverage the power of Pinterest!

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