As the days of the pandemic come to a close, the world is ready to travel again! This is great news for getting more traffic to your family travel blog, personal travel blog or tourism website. Travel related searches on Pinterest increased 60% in the last year! Pinners are searching Pinterest for the best travel blogs and information, are they finding your brand there? One of my favorite travel insights from Pinterest is that even though travel searches are up, searches for specific destinations are down 14%, this means people are open to new experiences! They are ready to travel but they need help filling in the details. That’s where you come in!

Here are some crazy Pinterest stats for travel:

  • 2.5 X increase in searches for “road trip routes”
  • 60% increase in searches for “national parks
  • 12.5X increase in searches for “RV Camping Trips
  • 175% increase in searches for “airplane essentials”

The opportunity to reach travelers in the planning stages has never been better, here are 5 tips to get more Pinterest traffic to your travel blog in 2022!

Tips for Travel Bloggers

1.Make a List of Your Top Keywords

The key to using Pinterest is Keywords! Pinterest is a search engine first and foremost, so if you don’t have your keywords dialed in then you won’t get very far. No matter what your niche or business is, knowing what terms people use for search is vital to getting traction on Pinterest. Where do you put keywords on Pinterest? EVERYWHERE. You should use them in your boards, profile and in every pin you post. How do you find your keywords? The best place to look is Pinterest itself, but for more information about where to search, check out our “How to Find the Keywords that Will Bring You the Most Traffic” post. We recommend making a list of your top keywords to come back to as you pin. This can act as a nice guide for ongoing pinning.

That said, keywords will vary pin to pin depending on the post, so you will need to spend time researching keywords for every topic. For example if you do a post about Disney World Vacations, you will want to spend time searching for the top terms in that niche (and there are many!) as well as using broader terms like “Orlando Travel Tips”, etc.

2. Optimize your account

Before you start your Pinterest strategy, you need to make sure your account is optimized and set-up properly. Everything on your Pinterest profile is telling Pinterest how you want your content to be categorized so getting this right is very important. Since Pinterest is a search engine, you will want your board names to be keywords (cutesy board names are a big no!). So take out your handy list of 50 Keywords and use the top ones to guide you as you create your boards. You can also use keywords in your bio name and profile description.

If you’d like help getting your account set-up, this is something we can help with! We offer a Pinterest Set-Up & Strategy Package, where our Pinterest Specialist will go through your account, clean it up, research your keywords and then set everything up and then give you a strategy for using Pinterest with better results. We would love to help!

3. Use Idea Pins 

If you’ve searched Pinterest lately, you’ve probably noticed that Idea Pins usually come up first. This is what Pinterest is heavily favoring right now and it is a great opportunity to get your content front and center. You can’t link from an Idea Pin, but they do help you grow your audience and reach. When someone finishes your Idea Pin, they will be offered a chance to visit your profile and follow you.

There’s no point in reinventing the wheel on this one, there are many ways to repurpose the content you’re creating for Idea Pins. Blog Posts, Instagram Reels or TikToks can be used on Pinterest. Let’s say you have a post called “10 Things to do In Nashville with Kids”, you could do an Idea Pin called “5 Things to do in Nashville with Kids” and tell people to visit your site to see the rest of your content. Idea Pins are not text heavy so there will always be people who want more info who can check out your account.

4. Keep Pinning Your Best Content

What blog posts or content on your site has the best traffic from Google or Pinterest? Spend some time doing a deep dive on your website stats.

Your best posts are a good indication of where to put your focus for pinning. You can repin the same blog post over and over again by simply creating new graphics for it. We recommend you pin a mix of your new content and best performing old content, continually. Just make sure the posts are still relevent and updated so you don’t have a high bounce rate. It’s also important to make sure they are good gateways to your brand in general. Can people sign up for your email list easily? Find similar posts? And understand what your blog does?

PS- Check out the Lead Generating Website Checklist

Hilton Pinterest Strategy

5. Stay Consistent 

Consistency is so important in any marketing, but especially on Pinterest. A solid strategy on Pinterest takes time to gain traction. You need to be pinning continually and regularly revamping your strategy. The great thing about Pinterest is that pins live so long. Unlike Instagram where the post dies after 3 days, a pin can live for months or even years. So the more pins you put out the better results you will see over time. Stick with it!

If you need help staying consistent, check out our Pinterest Management Package, designed to take the stress out of Pinterest marketing!


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