Does hiring a Pinterest manager sound intimidating or sound like something only huge companies would need? It’s not! We work hard to make our services approachable and available to a wide variety of business owners and bloggers. Pinterest management can benefit any business who is looking to grow their online presence! If you’re wondering what a Pinterest manager does, head over to this post; if you’re wondering if you should hire a Pinterest manager, then you are in the right place! I want to take the mystery out of hiring a professional Pinterest manager and help you understand how it could be one of the best investments in your marketing.

Pinterest is hands down one of the best ways to grow traffic to your website. For the right business, it could make or break your business (I know because that’s what it did for my business). Instead of seeing your marketing as an “expense”, see it as an “investment”. What if I told you that you could pay me $400 a month and get $1,000 back out? These are some of the results we can get your business! If that sounds intriguing, but you’re not sure if you’re ready, read on! Here are 5 sure-fire signs it’s time to outsource your Pinterest Marketing.

You aren’t pinning at all. 

Is your Pinterest profile just sitting untouched, or maybe you haven’t gotten around to starting one yet. This is probably a good sign that you either don’t have the time to invest in Pinterest or you are feeling overwhelmed by pulling the trigger. Having a professional come alongside you is not only going to help you get it done (and save your hours and hours!), but it’s also going to ensure your Pinterest marketing strategy is set-up right and not wasting a bunch of your time and money.

You feel overwhelmed by adding ANOTHER social media platform. 

You’re running a business and doing a million and two things every day to make it successful. How are you supposed to add yet ANOTHER online platform to manage, especially one that is so incredibly different than Instagram or Facebook? Pinterest is not a social media platform, it’s a search and discovery platform and the strategy is unique and time-consuming. If you feel overwhelmed, it’s a good sign it’s time to call in some reinforcements.

Your social media marketing feels stuck.

Are you feeling stagnant in your business or your marketing efforts? Are Instagram and Facebook just not bringing you the traction they once were (you’re not alone!)? Nothing is going to change unless something changes, so why not mix things up and try something new? Pinterest is not over-saturated and it provides more opportunities right now than a lot of other places (and usually better results!).

Your business needs MORE audience to market to. 

On Instagram or Facebook, you are limited to reaching your followers or if you’re lucky, people in hashtags. Not on Pinterest though! On Pinterest, you get access to ANYONE searching for your thing. Around here, Pinterest users are called golden unicorns (for real)! Pinterest users are more affluent than other platforms, they spend more, they are more educated, and they are literally there to find things to BUY. Unlike Instagram or Facebook where you are interrupting their scroll with your product or service, on Pinterest, they are looking for it! This means you get access to more of the people who are interested in what you offer. You just have to be there when they search.

You don’t know where to start. 

Maybe you know you should be using Pinterest to market your business, but you just don’t have the know-how to get started. Or maybe you feel paralyzed by all the things you know you should be doing. You might not need full Pinterest management, but maybe you need a hand to get started. We offer a “Set-Up and Clean Up” package to help you get on the right track! Our team will help you find your keywords, optimize your boards, connect Pinterest with your website and make sure everything works perfectly before we hand your account back over. We will also make sure you know what you need to do next.

Ok, you know you need Pinterest Management. What’s next? 

Pinterest Management for Business

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