I get a lot of questions about what Pinterest management is, what it includes and what it entails. What is Pinterest management? How much does it cost? And is it right for my business? This blog post has the answers!

When I started my first business I fought tooth and nail to keep doing everything myself. I thought I should be able to manage ALL the things by myself and that if I handed any task or job over to someone else then everything would blow up and my business would DIE (dramatic, but very accurate!).

As my business grew though, something unexpected happened. As things started getting busier, I started sucking at some of the things that I did very well before. I was the one letting balls drop and not doing things to the best of my ability because I just couldn’t keep up. I was simply too busy to do it all.

This is when I very good friend pushed me to hire out some of the tasks that I knew someone else could do or learn to do. It was incredibly difficult to hand over the reins, but when I did I was finally able to relax and focus on the things that I do best. I could put my attention and effort into growing my business instead of just trying to keep up. Something was taken off my plate and it felt glorious!

When I started PinHouss I wanted to offer this freedom to other business owners. Pinterest marketing is incredibly effective, but it’s also incredibly time intensive and you probably just don’t have time to do it all and do it all well. That’s where our team comes in! We offer Pinterest Management to take your marketing off your hands so you can get back to the things you love doing in your business.

So what does a Pinterest Manager do?

In a nutshell, a Pinterest Manager is a Pinterest expert who helps you create and execute your marketing goals using Pinterest. This means we hold your hand through the whole process starting with creating a strategy and then carrying out the tactics to make your goals a reality.

Basically, we do it all so you don’t have to! Here is a list of the duties we do for all of our management clients:

  • Research and find your keywords
  • Optimize your current Pinterest profile, boards, and pins
  • Study your industry (competition, thought leaders and what is working now)
  • Create new Pinterest graphics for your products or blog posts every month (this is KEY)
  • Find group boards to join
  • Manage and TailWind Tribes
  • Create keyword-optimized pins
  • Schedule pins
  • Report & monitor results
  • Boost pins & advertising
  • Regular strategy check-ins to go over results and plan for the future

I am a firm believer in “do something well or not at all” and the benefit of having a professional manage your Pinterest account is that you can be sure your marketing is getting done at the highest level.

What is the process for hiring a Pinterest Manager?

To get everything up and running we will need a bit of time investment from you, but once we get everything set-up you will be able to be as involved or as uninvolved as you want. Our goal is to free up as much time as possible so you can get back to doing the things you love (or at least like) in your business!

What is a Pinterest Manager

Here are the onboarding steps:

1. We will have a no-commitment 15-minute strategy call to figure out if Pinterest will be a good fit for your business,

2. If we decide to move forward, we will do a new client interview so we can get to know your business, nail down your goals and put together a strategy for your Pinterest marketing.

3. The next phase is the research phase. This is where our team gets down to business and starts digging into your account and the tactics of your strategy. We will research top keywords by diving deep into your industry, study your competition and industry leaders and get into the nitty-gritty analytics of what has worked well for you in the past both on Pinterest and on your website.

4. Next, we will clean up and optimize your Pinterest account. Whether your account is brand new, neglected or just needs a spruce up, we will go through and optimize ALL your boards, create new boards for your keywords and make sure your profile and the Pinterest account is set up in the most impactful way.

5. Then it’s down to business! We will start pinning daily, creating new graphics for your top content and find new TailWind Tribes and Group Boards to join. This is an ongoing process and will tick along while you watch the results come in. Each month we will send a detailed report showing the results and findings from your account.

We have clients who simply don’t have time to run their Pinterest account, we have clients who are intimidated by the time-intensive strategy and work that goes into it and we have clients who just want a professional to run things. Wherever you find yourself, our small but mighty team would be honored to help you leverage the amazing power of Pinterest to grow your business!

Take a leap of faith and clear some time in your over-filled schedule for the things you actually want to do, we’ll handle the rest.

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