Pinterest for business tips for 2023!

It’s a new year, inflation is on the rise and it’s looking like we are heading into a recession; it’s a great time to take a good hard look at our Pinterest marketing.

As Pinterest managers we regularly have to mix up our strategy to make sure we are staying ahead of the curve, but this feels even more important in 2023. Our marketing dollars have to work harder. So we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the tactics and trends we think will be big for 2023.

We spend our days (and sometimes nights) marketing on Pinterest and the main things we’ve learned is this: Pinterest is always evolving! What worked last month may not work this month. This post is meant to inspire and encourage you to try new things and mix it up. The worst thing you can do with any marketing strategy is rest on your laurels. You should be checking your analytics regularly and then using that data to inform your strategy. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

So without further ado, here are the top Pinterest marketing tips for 2023.

Pinterest for business marketing tips for 2023

1. Focus on your Funnel:

You might be wondering what your funnel has to do with Pinterest for business. Everything! If Pinterest is sending you high quality traffic but you aren’t able to convert it into leads or sales, then what’s the point? Your website should be highly tuned for helping people go further into your marketing funnel, whether it’s clicking over to another blog post, buying a product or signing up for your email list. This is why it’s so important that you know (and test!) your customer journey.

TIP: Take a look at our Lead Generating Website Checklist to see some of the features we recommend you add to your website.

2. Pin Brand Building Content (not just CTAs)

We always like to remind people that Pinterest is not a social media platform, it’s a search network. But this doesn’t mean that brand building isn’t a vital part of how to use Pinterest well for your business. In 2022, we saw Pinterest put a big focus on mobile video content and Idea Pins, and we don’t expect this to slow down in 2023. Post videos and content that is not strictly a call-to-action, offer value and create beautiful content that leads people to want more from you and your business, whether that’s following you or clicking on other content. This is a very important part of a Pinterest strategy!

3. Revamp your Keywords

Your Keyword Strategy is one of the most important parts of your Pinterest Marketing plan, this hasn’t changed. What has changed, is the tools Pinterest is providing to find the keywords. Pinterest has added several new features in the past few months that can be huge in getting better traction. If you look under the “Analytics” tab on Pinterest you should see a “Trends” option, you will see trends that Pinterest has compiled for YOUR audience (note: this feature hasn’t been rolled out to all accounts yet). You will also see a bar where you can search keywords and Pinterest will show you how popular they are in comparison to other terms.You can also see how the term varies in popularity throughout the year to plan seasonal content.

Keywords stop trending after a while, so it’s important to refresh these keywords often (we recommend monthly).

4. Follow the Trends

You can also use the trends tool to follow what is trending and what searches are on the rise. This is where having a blog can be incredibly helpful. For example if you see “Rust Wedding” searches are increasing, create content around this niche and put a focus on any posts or products you have that are relevent. Pinterest also releases updates about trends they are seeing, a good place to start is with Pinterest Predicts 2023, a list of the tops trends they think will be popular this year. BTW, they are usually right!

The Trends you see might surprise you, for example, did you know people are searching for winter content months after Christmas? Pinners are looking for things like winter travel, winter decorating and winter recipes long after the holidays.

5. Try Shopping Ads

Did you know CPMs on Pinterest are 44% lower than Meta’s? Or that shopping ads drive three times the conversions and double the positive incremental ROAS as other social platforms? Make 2023 the year you dive into Pinterest ads! Whether that’s through boosting pins or creating campaigns. Look at what your goals are and develop a strategy for advertising on Pinterest.

If you are wondering where to start, we offer Pinterest Ad Management!

TIP: When running ads, use 2-4 pins in an ad group instead of 1. They perform better.

Pinterest Shopping ads

6. Use Idea Pins

Our clients are seeing amazing results by incorporating Idea Pins into their strategy. This goes along with the brand building tip, use Idea Pins to grow awareness and build authority. We are slowly seeing the option of adding links to Idea Pins roll out, but not everyone has them yet. Don’t let that stop you! Try posting an Idea Pin once a week for 3 months and see what happens! You could repurpose other content from a blog post or from Instagram or TikTok content (just make sure you format for Pinterest and remove any logos from other platforms).

Pinterest Idea Pins Examples

Idea Pin Examples

7. Become a Verified Merchant

Pinterest has put a massive emphasis on making Pinterest more and more shoppable. They have poured millions into the Pinterest for Business features, especially when it comes to ecommerce businesses. Make sure your products are on Pinterest and that you apply for the Verified Merchant Program. This can exponentially increase your reach on Pinterest because your products will be searchable!

8. Audit your Boards

We recommend auditing your Pinterest boards every year. Are they relevent to your business? Every single thing on your account is telling Pinterest about your business, so make sure your boards are communicating the right message. Are your boards optimized? Your board names should be prominent keywords, then use the board description to add even more context and search terms.

Want help auditing and optimizing your account? We offer Pinterest Set-Up & Strategy services!

Pinterest for Business

9. Create Boards for New Trends

As you follow the trends and create content around the ones that are relevent, create a board on your account titled after that trend. This will help you rank even higher in searches as they increase.

10. Track Your Results

How do you know what’s working if you aren’t tracking the numbers? Make it a monthly habit to check your Pinterest analytics AND your Google Analytics. You can see so much by just tracking the figures. On Pinterest, you should track impressions, engagement, audience and outbound clicks. On Google, look at what pages on your website people are entering though, bounce rate, social acquisition and page popularity.

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