When it comes to Pinterest pin size and Pinterest graphic design, there is really only one thing you need to know: It’s a totally unique platform!

Your Pinterest marketing strategy can’t just be reposting from Instagram and TikTok. Pinterest images are a specific size and shape, so as you are creating your Pinterest graphics you need to keep this in mind. Pinterest is also a visual search engine, so the way your pins look is extra important. You want your Pinterest graphics to stand out as pinners scroll by using really beautiful images and videos to catch their eye. You want clear, concise and really beautiful pins that “stop the scroll”!

In this post we will be covering all the different pin sizes and shapes, as well as Idea Pin sizes, Video Pin size and give some helpful tips to up your Pinterest graphic design game!

Pinterest graphic design

Pinterest Pin Size

Here’s what Pinterest says about pin image sizes:

“We recommend a 2:3 aspect ratio (ex: 1000 x 1500 pixels). Other ratios may cause your Pin to truncate, or may negatively impact performance.” –Pinterest

This is a relatively recent update and a change from years past. It used to be there was some variation on pin size and you could get away with having longer pins (which beautifully took up more real estate in the feed). But the recent update seems to discourage the longer form pin design. Anything that Pinterest says will negatively impact performance is definitely something to stay away from!

If you do create long pins a 1:2:1 aspect ratio is best, if pins are any longer the pin could be cropped in peoples feeds and impact the performance of the pin.

Pinterest Pin size 2022

Pinterest Video Pin Size & Design

Your Pinterest video pin size can be the same dimensions as your static pins. For length, Pinterest recommends videos between 15 seconds to 1 minute long. For video ads they recommend pins that are 6-15 seconds long.

Most pinners watch video with the sound off so don’t rely too heavily on audio or dialogue unless you have captions. You will also want to make sure you choose a cover image for your video pin, something that will catch people’s eye and tell them what the pin is about.

Pinterest Idea Pin Size

Pinterest Idea Pins are multi-panel pieces of content similar to Instagram Stories, except they live forever! You can save them like a regular pin, which makes them even more valuable to your Pinterest strategy.

Optimal Pinterest Idea Pin size is 1080×1920 pixels or a 9:16 ratio. You also don’t want a file size over 20 MB for images and 100MB for videos. Videos should be ideally between 3-60 seconds.

There are various design tools within the Pinterest app to create Idea Pins. You can add text, colors, and music. Alternatively, you can design your Idea Pins in Canva and upload them to Pinterest. The key with your Idea Pin design is that they tell a story. You want a full thought in your Idea Pin. Pinterest also says that Idea Pins that start with a video generally perform better.

PS- 5 Ways to Use Idea Pins for Business

5 Helpful Pinterest Graphic Design Tips

  1. Use Clear Fonts & Colors. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see. When you are creating Pinterest pins, be sure that the fonts are clear and the colors stand out. Your pin will be side by side with hundreds of other pins,  if no one can read it they will jus scroll right by. We avoid unclear cursive or handwritten fonts for headlines and we try and choose photos that will not conflict with the font colors.
  2. Represent Your Brand. Pinterest is amazing at growing your brand awareness. Make sure your pins use your logo, colors and fonts and that they follow your branding guide. The idea being that when people see your pins they start recognizing your brand.
  3. Add Text. Text overlays can help your pins stand out. Choose punchy and concise verbiage that is like a headline and isn’t too wordy.  This is also where it’s helpful to refer to your top keywords to pinpoint how people are searching for your topics.
  4. Include a CTA. What do you want the pinner to do with your pin? We recommend you try out adding a call-to-action on your pin. This could be a “shop now” or “Read More”, whatever you want the pinner to do to take the next step. You can also include this in the pin description. Every account is difference so test yours our to see what performs best!
  5. Follow the Metrics. Continually examine what pins are performing best and then try and replicate them. You might find that certain colors or fonts do better than others, or certain image types get more click-throughs. These are things you should monitor each month and then recalibrate your strategy accordingly.

Pinterest ad examples

As you can see Pinterest pin size and graphic design is incredibly important in your overall Pinterest marketing plan. This is why we have a professional graphic designer on our team who creates beautiful on-brand graphics for our clients. She works with our Account Specialist to develop a graphic design strategy that will get real results for our clients!

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