It’s a new year and a new chance to take stock. What are the predicted Pinterest trends for 2020? What worked on Pinterest in 2019 will change for 2020. Fun things are in store for the coming year, so let’s chat about what lies ahead for your Pinterest management strategy.

Consider Color

For those that crave tradition and time-honored style, Pantone’s 2020 color of the year will make their insides squeal with glee! If you aren’t familiar with Pantone, they are a company that systematizes color, and their system turns colors into a language that has become an industry standard. They also proclaim a tone for the year, and their hue of choice for 2020 is Classic Blue (#19-4052 if we’re getting super technical).

pantone color of the year 2020

What does that mean for businesses? Color translates into just about anything – fashion, web design, decor, and even hair color. Start curating posts that show how to use the color within your niche and create pinnable images that will catch the eye of those searching for how to incorporate the hue into their life. You can also consult the Pantone site for complementary colors to help create palettes instead of just utilizing Classic Blue by itself.

Use terms such as:
Color of the Year (you can also add “2020” in front of or at the end of this)
Pantone (or Pantone 2020)
Classic Blue (can also be paired with Pantone before or after)
Pantone blue
2020 color trends

Think Green

Now that I have you thinking about color, all things “green” are en vogue like never before. And no, I’m not talking about the hue. Being conscious about products we use, places we go, things we do, and the impact on the environment is enormous right now. Travelers are searching for how to lessen the carbon footprint of their journeys, homeowners are looking for sustainable options for both building and decorating homes, and others are seeking plastic-free alternatives, such as reusable bottles and bamboo straws.

Capitalizing on this trend will not only bring more traffic to your site, but a side benefit is that you can create more awareness to impact the environment. Who knows? You may even make positive changes along the way. Oh, and don’t forget about plants. Adding them into a home or work environment nicely fits into the trend towards sustainability.

Think along the lines of buzzwords like:
Zero waste
Sustainable living
Environmentally friendly

Tread Softly

Continuing to trend is keeping cozy. Whether we freelance from home or head to a workplace, we all deserve a respite in our lives. Thinking about plush living spaces, ultra-soft loungewear, and being comfortable is here to stay. And this translates into so many areas! Think about pinnable outfits that look cute and cozy, comfort food recipes that evoke nostalgia, and places to travel that are a slower pace. Anything that causes the viewer to pause and enjoy their lives instead of just blazing through their workweek will grab attention.

Thinking about coziness also includes incorporating softness in many ways. Think of textiles as “wallpaper,” soft fabrics to wear (and not just for winter!), and using tactile items as wall decor elements instead of traditional framed photos. Candles fit in well as a softer option for lighting. It’s all in how you think about it!

Pinterest 2020 trends

Incorporate words such as:
Cozy bedroom
Comfortable (or comfy)
Comfy cute outfits
Cozy living room

Take Care

Along the lines of plushness and keeping cozy, pausing to incorporate self-care into a weekly – if not daily – routine is of utmost importance. We all have a tiny computer by our side 24/7, which leaves little downtime to get away from it all. Whether encouraging a stay-cation, luxurious skincare routine or just sipping a cup of quality tea, readers are craving a mental escape. Even if it only provides a few minutes of escaping responsibility while doing something good for their mental health, self-care is trending for 2020.

If you aren’t in beauty, travel, fashion, or food, you can think creatively about this. One easy way is to talk about mental health or taking a break away from your niche. For example, if you are into tech, you can write a post and create pinnable images that talk about ways to take a break for a bit. Interior-focused businesses can show ideas on creating a respite in a bedroom or bathroom to further facilitate relaxation and having a space to pamper in.

Attention-grabbing words to include:
Self-care routine
Skincare routine

Get Outside

Whether it is for exercise, vacation, or a bit of fresh air, heading outdoors is popular at the moment and will continue throughout 2020. People are looking for places to go for outdoor adventure, the gear they need to take along as they explore, and creative ways to exercise and commune with nature. If you are a foodie, this can easily translate into quick and easy snacks to purchase or make (such as trail mix) to take along. Outdoor enthusiasts are also looking for books and guides, and the outdoors can be a way to take a break from daily routines. Don’t be afraid to think of your area of expertise from new and different angles.

Words to ponder:
Outdoor adventure
Hiking outfit
Adventure travel
Trail mix recipes (also trail mix bar)
Outdoor gear

To see a full list of trends, check out Pinterest’s Top 100 Trends of 2020

Again, think of your niche in a new light when it comes to incorporating trends. It can turn your Pinterest account into a well-rounded source of inspiration, which is what most users are seeking. If you haven’t tried video pins yet, be sure to incorporate them into your 2020 plans by reading my post on Pinterest Video Pins: How to Get Started. It’s not as tricky as you’d think. Happy pinning for 2020!

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