When it comes to building your luxury or high-end brand few social platforms can make the claims that Pinterest can. People come to Pinterest for two things: inspiration and to shop. If you’re a high-end product then that should sound pretty awesome to you. Your product is beautiful, inspirational and shoppable! Pinterest users ARE your audience, “more than a quarter of the people on Pinterest have a household income of $150,000 or more. They’re 52% more likely to shop at high-end home décor retailers, 48% more likely to shop at upscale women’s retailers, and 20% more likely to buy luxury cars than people not on the platform.” (via Pinterest)

Since you are going after a very niche market, it’s important to have a solid Pinterest strategy in place. Unfortunately, long gone are the days when you could just throw up a bunch of pins and cross your fingers. Intentional pinning and optimization is the name of the game for selling your luxury brand on Pinterest. Here are 7 key tips just for you!

**Before you continue, be sure you know how to get started on Pinterest.**

Know your customer avatar.

As a luxury brand, you’re not going for the mass market. You are hoping to sell to very specific people at a higher price, so it’s even more important to know exactly who your ideal customer is. Not just vague things like age and nationality; but really specific things like what his interests are, where he shops, what he eats, what she is inspired by, where she is looking for that inspiration and the bloggers he follows. I find it helps if you sit down and think of a couple of actual people or customers and answer these questions about them specifically.

Build a lifestyle around your brand.

Pinterest is a place to be inspired, so now that you know who your ideal customer is, build your Pinterest profile to inspire them! Don’t just pin your product, pin things that pair well with your brand. If you’re a fashion brand, you could have boards related to home interiors and celebrity style. If you sell a high-end whiskey, you could have boards for cigars and travel. Think about your customer’s lifestyle and use it as a guide.

Find the right Group Boards and Tribes.

Do some research to find niche group boards for your brand. You don’t want to cheapen what you offer by having it alongside things that are more suited to a different audience. A great place to start is by checking out the bloggers or publications you like and see what boards they are in. Find as many group boards and Tribes on Tailwind as you can. These are great places to help your pins go viral.

Top-notch branding.

Pinterest is a highly visual platform, so your branding and photography have to be on-point, especially as a high-end business. Get this right and you will find it easy to make your pins go viral and generate traffic and sales. It’s an investment to have high-quality photos and branding, but it will pay off in the end!

Find influencers.

We usually think of influencers on Instagram, but Pinterest is a great place to get traction by leveraging other people’s audiences. See if you can get your product in gift guides, articles and pinned by top people in your industry. This will give you automatic credibility and help you grow your audience and following.

Start blogging.

A blog can be a fabulous way to create more content that will inspire your customers. You could write about trends, create gift guides, highlight recipes or interview customers. Again, just thinking about the lifestyle of your customer and what might interest them.

Boost your content.

Pinterest ads provide some of the best returns on investment compared to other sites, especially for brands targeting women. My method is to see what pins are performing the best and then boost those. You can also create a variety of pins, videos, and carousels to create special ads. This works particularly well around holidays and when you are ramping up for your busy season. The best place to start is by researching your keywords and then finding the content that is performing the best.

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