Are you sick of the Instagram rat race? The constant algorithm changes, the ever-increasing competition and the time-intensive scheduling and engaging? Does it seem like it’s harder and harder to make your mark and reach your people? You’re not alone, many business owners are feeling the exact same way. Instagram just kind of sucks right now…. And here’s the truth, I am an Instagram marketer AND a Pinterest marketer. I think there is a place for both platforms, BUT I think Pinterest offers some of the most exciting and valuable marketing opportunities right now, especially for businesses targeting women. 

I wanted to write this blog post to free the Instagram haters to try something else and know it WILL work for their business. Pinterest can do amazing things for businesses and in many ways, can be a more effective way to push your business forward. I’m not saying you should give up Instagram, but I am saying that maybe you pull back and put more of your efforts into your Pinterest marketing. The two platforms are very different and have completely different functions, but they often get compared because of the visual nature of the platforms and their audience. Instagram is a place to build connection, Pinterest is a search and discovery platform. If you can, you should invest in both. If you can’t, here is why you should invest in Pinterest!

1. Pinterest helps you reach MORE people faster. 

On Pinterest people don’t have to follow you to be exposed to your content, they just have to search. When you post a pin you are giving it the potential to reach thousands of relevant users. Of course, you can search and find interesting content on Instagram but that’s not what the platform was designed for. You may stumble across an account or photo you like, but on Pinterest, you get access to thousands of people looking for what you have to offer, no matter how many followers you have.

2. Pinterest will bring you MORE traffic.

Pinterest is a search engine first and foremost, 78% of pinners say the content they find on Pinterest is useful. When people search on Pinterest they are looking for things to click on and view. The very nature of the platform is to search for content that interests you. This is why your blog posts will get more traffic because you’ll get access to thousands (millions!) of pinners who are actively looking for the valuable content you’re putting out. On Instagram, there may be a couple in your audience who will click over to your site, but they are not actively looking for it and you are asking them to leave the activity they are currently engaged in to go view your content. Pinterest users WANT you to engage them!

3. Pinterest users don’t care if you have thousands of followers or an established brand.

An astounding 97% of Pinterest searches are NOT branded. This means that pinners are not searching for “Madewell trench coats” they are searching for “trench coats”, which gives your trench coat a chance to be brought up right alongside Madewell and other massive brands. Unlike on Instagram where brand loyalty is the name of the game (80% of users follow a business or brand), your small business has a fighting chance to compete!

4. Pinterest ads are WAY more effective.

When it comes to ROI, few things can compare to Pinterest. For every $1 spent on Pinterest ads, there was a $2 profit according to Pinterest research. “Across the five brands studied, Pinterest outperformed the overall marketing average by 45% (digital and offline). For every $100 the brands spent on Pinterest, they got $60 more profit than from other measured channels.” (source). In my opinion, Pinterest ads are some of the most organically integrated ads of any platform. They are almost always relevant and tasteful for the user. Pinners are actively looking for things to buy. When you’re on Instagram you’re scrolling a feed of that varies between your co-worker’s photos of her kids to the latest recipe your favorite food blogger tried, you are not there to searching for products or services to buy. Pinterest users are! 90% of pinners say the platform helps them find products to buy. They are searching for products just like yours because either they are ready to pull the trigger or researching for when they are ready to pull the trigger.

On Instagram, your sales pitch is an interruption, on Pinterest, it’s an answer to a question. 

5. Pinterest improves your Google SEO.

Instagram does very little or nothing for your search engine credibility, but Pinterest can do amazing things for SEO. By getting more traffic for search terms related to your business Google will see that you are creating content that people love and want.

6. Pinterest users are shoppers. 

Over 55% of Pinterest users are there to find products to BUY and 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases. This means they are there to shop, if your product or service isn’t utilizing Pinterest, you are literally missing your chance to reach customers LOOKING for your thing. People don’t use Instagram to find things to buy (although they may come across something), people use Pinterest to buy things. Isn’t that great news?

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