Social media advertising is one of the best places for businesses to put their hard-earned dollars. You’ve probably advertised on Facebook, Instagram or Google ads, but what about Pinterest advertising? Pinterest has just passed 200 million users and is growing rapidly. In fact, studies show Pinterest can be 4x more effective than other digital campaigns! For the business who wants to target highly interested and affluent leads, Pinterest is one of the best options around (and bonus, there is way less competition!). People are already there searching for your type of business and Pinterest ads make sure you’re right there when they do!

So how do you set up a Pinterest advertising campaign? Like anything, there are steps and procedures you need to follow when it comes to advertising on Pinterest. This blog post is going to help you get your ads up and running. Below are a few steps you need to consider while creating an ad campaign for the first time on Pinterest.

Set up a business account

The first step to take in advertising on Pinterest is to set up a business account. If you have a personal account already, you can easily convert it to a business account. The won’t be able to set up ads if you don’t have a business account. This also gives you better insights and opportunities for promotion!

how to set up a pinterest ad campaign

Install the Pinterest tag

The Pinterest tag is used to track any action viewers take on your website, including the time they checked out and their searches. So before you start your Pinterest ad campaign, make sure you have installed the Pinterest tag. According to Pinterest, “The Pinterest tag is a piece of JavaScript code you put on your website to gather conversion insights and build audiences to target based on actions they’ve taken on your site.”

You can track things like page visits, category visits on your site, “add to cart” and a ton of other things! Here’s a helpful guide for getting your Pinterest tag set-up.

How to install the Pinterest tag

Choose your campaign goal

The next step is for you to get started with your campaign and the first thing you need to do is to set your campaign goals. Without a goal and objective, your campaign will be pointless. Try to choose the right goal for your campaign because it will determine how you will bid during your ad auction. There are different types of campaign objectives you can choose from which are: getting traffic to your website, build your brand awareness, increase installs for your apps and building awareness through video views. You have to pay for any campaign objectives you want to use for your ads. After choosing your goals, you can proceed to make your campaign budget so you don’t go spending above your limit.

Create an Ad Group

The ad group simply helps you manage all your campaign goals in a single campaign, especially if your budget is limited. Ad groups define targeting, run dates, bid and budget for your Promoted Pins within the group. More info about ad groups.

Target audience

Knowing your target audience is one of the most important aspects of using Pinterest advertising, and Pinterest has a robust way to reaching the people you need to reach. You can choose your audience based on gender, location, interests, and language. You can also target based on people who have engaged with your content, people who have visited your website, email or customer lists and like audiences.

Use Weighty Key Words

Just like anything you do on Pinterest, knowing your keywords is key. Try and have a list of the tops ones and use those for better targeting your ad. Think of your ideal customer, what words are they typing in when they search for something related to your business. If you are a food blogger and you just posted a mac & cheese recipe, be sure “Macaroni and cheese recipe” is one of your keywords, you could also do things like “easy mac and cheese recipe”, “easy pasta dinners”, just make sure it’s something that feels natural for the user to click on.

Your Pinterest ad needs to be catchy, so once you have set your campaign goals and target audience, you need to think about creating dynamic content for your ad. This is where it can be helpful to look back on past pins and find the ones that have performed best and boost those. Just make sure you’re keeping them fresh and change them out regularly.

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