Pinterest is one of the most effective tools on the web. It serves as a source of inspiration. It is also a search engine for those looking for new ideas or to perfect old ones. If you’re still not convinced, sometimes it just takes a few cold, hard facts.

So, if you love numbers or just need a bit of reassurance that sending traffic to your site via pins is worthwhile, here are the top ten stats to show that Pinterest is indeed useful – and essential – for those selling products on the Internet.

Pinterest stats

1. Over 300 Million People Use Pinterest

3. Hundred. Million. That’s a ton!! Actually, it’s 150,000 tons, but who’s counting? That is a lot of people looking for recipes, business advice, design inspiration, fashion, fitness ideas, gift suggestions…etc.

You want a piece of that pie, and the number of users on Pinterest keeps increasing. Honestly, it’s no wonder as it’s a way to search the web while being able to save the things that inspire you. It’s a no brainer, and more and more people realize that.

2. 55% of Pinners Are Looking to Purchase Products & 97% of searches are Unbranded

That statistic is astounding – and fabulous for those of you with e-commerce sites! Sure, people are making their birth plans and looking for home organization ideas, but others – 55%! – are turning to Pinterest to find out what, where, and how to purchase. Putting out quality pins with your products can be a huge win when someone is searching for exactly what you have.

3. Pinterest users spend 29 percent more while shopping than non-users

Pinterest users are affluent, educated and interested in high quality, which means they spend more. They are also on the platform to buy things, so you aren’t interrupting their feed with your product (when they would rather be looking at content from friends and family), they are on Pinterest to find what you offer!

4. Almost 2 Million Products are Re-Pinned Daily

Don’t feel bad using Pinterest to sell! It’s part of what people who use the platform want, and you can be there to inspire them. Be creative. Use lovely images. Have keyword-rich descriptions (learn where to put your keywords here) so that those looking for products can easily find and save your goods.

5. Pinterest Drives 30% More Traffic Than Facebook

This statistic makes total sense. Sure, Facebook is good for boosted ads and such, but the social media site shows users want they want them to see. And the content on Facebook is not search-friendly. Pins are evergreen – meaning that they stay on the platform forever – which is why using the right keywords is so important.

Pinterest marketing over  Facebook

6. Users Spend an Average of 14 Minutes Per Day on Pinterest

Fourteen minutes may sound like a quick blip in time, but that is an average per day. Some people scroll the news when they are bored, but others turn to Pinterest as they never know what they will find. A new hairstyle? The perfect journal? Some sage business advice?

Whether at the doctor’s office, lying in bed, or as a passenger in the car, users are turning to Pinterest to inspire them. Of course, others are purposely searching the platform for specific information. The fact that 80% of users are on mobile just goes to show that many are out and about while searching. Hey, did I just sneak in another statistic?

7. Nearly 60% of Millennials Were Introduced to New Products

Ok, wait. Let that statistic sink in. Yes, many users never spend a dime via Pinterest. They get recipe inspiration or learn how to tame their curly locks, but this statistic is very different.

When you are introducing people to a new product, there is a chance they may purchase that product – from you. And that is huge. HUGE huge. That is part of why you are using Pinterest for your business, so don’t let that stat just slide by. And Millenials will be around for a while, and their loyalty to the platform is already growing.

8. Pinterest reaches 83% of US women.

That is TOTAL women in the United States, it says a lot! And if you think about it, women are the ones that generally control the day-to-day workings of the purse strings. Sure, men tend to make larger purchases, but women are out there buying gifts, decorating their homes, getting the groceries, choosing clothes for their families…the list goes on.

9. But…50% of New Users Were Male

Inevitably men want to know what the ladies are doing. With all of the recipes, party planning advice, handbag inspiration, and wedding planning on Pinterest, it is no wonder that the platform skewed towards females.

Men have caught on, and so have the pins. The amount of health, fitness, home renovation projects, and business advice keeps increasing, and guys are at the helm. And – of course – they want a bit of recipe, grooming, and style inspiration, too!

10. 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions

Pinterest is where users go to make find inspiration and make decisions about what to buy. They plan outfits, look at hotels in the city they are visiting next Spring and pin things they want to purchase in the next while. The other amazing thing about Pinterest search is that most of the searches on Pinterest are unbranded! Which means you get to throw your hat in the ring alongside the giants in your industry.

11. Over 2 Billion Searches Are Conducted Every Month

If you don’t believe that Pinterest is a useful search engine, here is the information you need to back it up. Think about it. If you are planning a party and need decorations, do you search the web or peruse Pinterest? The chances are that you turn to Pinterest in your time of need. And many others are, too. They are looking for advice articles, style inspiration, and the newest gadgetry all on the social platform.

12. There Are Over 200 Billion Pins

Yes, that sounds daunting. How much do your pins matter when there are already a plethora of pins out there? I get it. BUT don’t you want a piece of the proverbial pie?

Plus, some of those images have been around since the platform started. Be one of the ones to push new content, products, and inspiration on Pinterest to keep it fresh and alive!

Stats sourced from Pinterest. 

Pinterest Is my Favorite!

Ah! With all of those lovely stats, it’s no wonder that all things Pinterest excites me. If it seems a bit daunting to you, let me help! Click here to read What does a Pinterest Manager actually do for your business? I’m here to answer your questions and would love to guide you along the way. Happy pinning!

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