It’s no secret that we are in that in-between phase. The holidays are over, everyone has made (and possibly broken) their New Year’s resolutions and we are all waiting around for spring to arrive. But that doesn’t mean that your Pinterest business plan should stop! With events peppered throughout this pre-spring time, I have ideas for you on how to maximize your exposure by targeting specific events and using keywords to pep up your Pinterest strategy.

Super Bowl – February 2nd

Yes, this is coming up fast, but there is still time to pin. That is the great thing about Pinterest – things go on the site in real time and are searchable right away. So, get to it if sports, parties, and decor are your niche.

  • Superbowl party food ideas
  • Superbowl food
  • Football game outfit
  • Football snacks
  • Sporty outfits

Galentine’s Day – February 13th

Yes! You heard that right. If you aren’t familiar with Galentine’s Day, it happens the day before Valentine’s Day and is a way for the girls to get together no matter their relationship status. The celebration originated in the show Parks & Recreation, and it caught on because it’s such a fabulous idea! Below are some keywords you can utilize to attract those gal-entines. And don’t let the lack of apostrophes catch you off guard. It’s best to not use them in keywords.

  • Galentines Day
  • Galentines brunch
  • Galentines party decor
  • Gifts for girls in their 20s
  • Girlfriend gifts

Valentine’s Day – February 14th

Of course, the day meant for love is enormous for e-commerce as folks scour ideas for gifts, decor, and more as Valentine’s Day approaches. Focusing on red and pink pins also helps to catch the eye as people are searching for all things Valentine to celebrate the ones they adore.

  • Valentine gifts
  • Valentines gift for boyfriend
  • Valentines Day decorations
  • Valentines Day fashion
  • Heart decorations
  • Valentines Day gifts for him

March Madness – March 17th

The picks for March Madness will be announced on the 15th, and then all things basketball-centric ensue from the 17th through to early April. March Madness is a season rather than a specific day, so opportunities to maximize content are massive for those who are into the sport.

March Madness party ideas
March Madness bracket
March Madness book tournament
College basketball game outfit
Basketball shirts

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th

This annual event centers around all things green! Incorporating the color and theme of all things Irish is sure to help celebrate the big day. Take a peek at a few of the trending words to use.

  • St. Patricks Day party ideas
  • St. Patricks Day decorations
  • Irish coffee
  • Shamrock plant
  • Green aesthetic

Other holidays of note – but not necessarily trending – are below. Using the holiday name and/or its corresponding keywords can be useful but may not cause a huge draw of traffic.

  • February 17th (President’s Day) – Presidents Day crafts for preschoolers, Presidents Day craft
  • February 25th (Mardi Gras) – Mardi Gras decorations, Mardi Gras party
  • February 29th (Leap Year) – Leap Year party ideas
  • March 2 (Read Across America Day) – Read Across America activities, books to read

Where to Put Pinterest Keywords

General Trends on Pinterest

Although many events happen in February and March, don’t forget to create pins with evergreen content. Below are some of the popular trending keywords on Pinterest, followed by a few trending categories and keywords.

  • DIY home decor
  • Fashion outfits
  • Dream rooms
  • Dessert recipes
  • Party centerpieces
  • Casual winter outfits
  • Unusual gifts
  • Farmhouse decor
  • Work outfits women
  • Living room designs

Home Trends

  • Home theater design
  • Audio room
  • Work from home outfit
  • Garden room

Pet Keywords

  • Cat playground indoor
  • Dog patio ideas apartment
  • Pet fashion
  • Pet resort

Eco-friendly Terms

  • Thrift store crafts
  • Eco-friendly swaps
  • Low-waste lifestyle
  • Solar light crafts

Beauty and Fashion Trends

  • Lip liner and gloss
  • Hair scrunchie (up 6300%!!)
  • Y2K outfits
  • Streetwear 90s

Travel Ideas

  • Train travel
  • Zero waste travel essentials
  • Weekend staycations
  • Nature travel

Trending in the Outdoors

  • Lake fishing tips
  • Rabbit hutches
  • Outdoor kitchen bars
  • Outdoor play areas

Well, there you have it! Set yourself up for first-quarter success with the above keywords. It’s clear that holiday-centric terminology and anything that helps the environment is essential for 2020, and the sustainability and eco trends are here to stay.

If you don’t know how quite to incorporate these words into your Pinterest strategy, check out this article on Where to Put Pinterest Keywords. It’s a great help to make sure that you are utilizing trending words to your benefit.

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